The nation membership, peace and war principles, and

The Cold War was one of the most famous and crucially important conflicts between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. It lasted almost the half of the century, and its results are still recognizable and significant. The ideas of capitalism and communism – this is what actually bothered the representatives of the Cold War. Government wanted to provide the citizens with freedoms and suggested as many reliable ways as possible.

However, such points like universal ideas to nation membership, peace and war principles, and failure to present constant economic security called numerous contradictions. All these contradictions turned out to be the major reasons of the Cold War’s end. It is necessary to admit that the end of the Cold War could not but promise really good future for the world, global prosperity, and human rights. The Cold War was one of those types of wars, which made a significant impact on the development of human rights in the whole world. All those competitions, which happened between the representatives of the Soviet Union and the United States, created two different teams, which supported human rights in different spheres.

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One of those teams was all about the principles of individualism, based on the American ideas of freedom. The brightest examples were the right to live, the right to own, the right to believe and have own opinion, etc. Continental Europe was all about to provide people with other types of rights, like the right to equal work and equal pay, the right to get free elementary education, the right for the obligatory social services, etc. These principles of social justice helped to present people more freedom in their development and proper opportunities to earn and live.

The question is whether the representatives of both countries achieved the desirable purposes. Well, of course, we all have the right to live and choose the preferred religion; however, not every person has the right to equal work, because nowadays, lots of things depend on education and personal skills. It is crucially important to underline that the end of the Cold War was rather dramatic for lots of countries. For example, West Germany was proud of its wealth and prosperity, and the representatives of the East Germany could not achieve the same results and suffered a lot.

Russian people did not have an opportunity to buy bread or even socks, because the government did not provide them with necessary sums of money. This is why the appearance of Gorbachev changed lots of things, as he offered to loosen numerous repressions on liberties. The representatives from different governments came to conclusion that it was useless to provide people with all types of freedoms, this is why, it was better to create certain limits and follow that people do not break the established rules. In general, the end of the Cold War brought certain changes to all participants of this conflict: the United States took its leading positions in the world, Russia defined its supporters and opponents, and people got to know more about human rights and learnt to prove them: Civil Rights Movement, protests against Vietnam War, Perestroika in the Soviet Union. These movements influenced considerably the development of the countries under consideration and born the desire to prove and fight against human rights and freedoms.


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