In very challenging in that it uses all

In the film “the butterfly effect” describe the way time changes are used to create effects using the correct media language and terminology and do these effects create ones suited to its genre? It is a main stream film using the big five entertainment partners but was surprisingly low budget as fixed studio settings were used.most of the planning went into the effect of the time changes as filming each shot They wanted the connotations of the film to be powerful and effective but certain equipment they didn’t have so often great deal of time was taken into getting the effect leaving not many takes for each shot but they chose actors with sensational performances. It is a melodramatic, supernatural horror film debatably using dark and edgy effects. It is not a realistic film but relies on the audience to use there worst fears which are touched in this film with many aspects of tragedy of life experiences.It is based around two themes one being the Chaos psychological theory of the butterfly effect playing on the use of the aspect of changing something in your life as in society there is the aspect of I wish I had or hadn’t done something.

It brings across a moral that not everything’s perfect and mistakes have to happen in order to live a happy life as even if you sacrifice yourself it doesn’t always work you can’t predict or control an outcome. Your childhood is said to affect your outcomes according to psychologists but nothing which can’t be changed without going back in time you make decisions to feel safe.This film is very challenging in that it uses all this but also uses intertexuality as it wasn’t the first to use time travel as this was done by Berkerley Squaz 1933, and repeated many times such as most famous of dr who, terminator, back to the future, and minority report. These show damage and disequilibrium’s on the way as they try to play god by waking the dead and changing what has already been done.

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So the narrative of this film is not a realistic one and is not one which tells a story but is one of reflection looking in to how to be happy.You can’t really apply theorists like prop and Todorov to the film as even though there is clear hero and princess etc there is none as this is only a concept when there is a beginning, middle and a end there is not this Todorov’s is slightly more useful as you see the different types of disequilibrium’s which occur and there is a new equilibrium at the end but it is unclear to what this is and by the end of the film it has been played with so much the audience almost forget where it started and technically there should only be one change to sustain this theory.However the Levi Strauss of Binary oppositions can be used. The character Tommy is jealous of Evan and his sister Kaylees friendship and this is the major reason why they are never happy he therefore kills his dog which is almost an exchange for his sister this is one of the few major tragedies of their life’s as teens affecting them.A dolly shot is used to show this and different types of pans, angles are used each time it is shot with dynamic composition to show the tragedy and un easy situation held in the second sequence for example there is high shutter speed used and high angles are used on Kaylee and Evan to show their vulnerability opposed to Tommy which is a low level shot to really highlight the power he has over them. As it is the same sequence there is a real emphasis to enhance it with a different look.


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