The car else, a petrol engine car

The most exciting thingfor any Indian is buying a car in India. It isn’t expensive but people stillconsider it something good. But sometimes, people aren’t aware of what kind ofvehicle you should go for, a hatchback, a sedan, a SUV, a MUV etc. and whatkind of fuel i.e.

petrol or diesel. For those who might be wondering what aboutCNG and all, it’s all up to you whether you want it or not but I don’trecommend. So, here’s my article which will describe a step-by-step procedureor guideline to buy a new car.Before you make anydecision, you should do your own homework. Let us begin with the type offuel meaning petrol or diesel. Consider you’re an office goer and you’vegot to travel a long distance. In a city like Mumbai, if you go for a petrolcar, you will get a very low economy in a stop start traffic and you end upburning more fuel hence more number of times you have to refuel. If you go fora diesel car, economy will be less no doubt, but will be better than that ofpetrol and hence you end up filling up your gas tank less than that of the carwith a petrol engine.

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So, my verdict is if you’re a frequent long-distancetraveller then opt for a diesel car else, a petrol engine car is just fine.The next thing is what typeof car would you like to go for. Now this depends on the size of yourfamily and your usage. If you’re a small family, and you have only trips inlocal areas then a hatchback can work. If you’re a family who likes to you knowgo for weekends for work or maybe a holiday and you wish to carry lots ofluggage, a sedan should work.

Now MPV (Multi-People Vehicle) are for those whohave more than five people in a family. Nowadays we have a trend of going forSUV. Let me tell you that if you plan for an SUV, make sure that you haveproper space to park as we know India and parking is a big pain if you knowwhat I mean. Same goes for MPV.Third thing, the budgetof the car. You will need to make a collective decision with your familymembers about your budget as it should fit in properly. You have a wide rangeof cars from sedans to hatchbacks to MPV in your budget.

Choose a budget whichshouldn’t be so much that later you will regret choosing it; basically, keep anoptimal budget. Check your bank for loans and other procedures.Moving on to which brandand model of the vehicle. Some say go for Japanese brands, some say go forGerman brands and the list continues on. In that case, first thing, go out andget an automobile magazine like Autocar or Overdrive which are popular. Nextthing is start going through the brands and their models in your chosen budget.Choose a brand which you feel is more reliable, offering better service andalso that particular brand has good aftersales value. Once you choose a brandand model, make sure you read reviews about comfort, mileage, maintenance etc.

Inthis age of technology, YouTube is the best place to watch car reviews. Also,please choose the type of transmission you want i.e.

automatic transmission ormanual transmission. Some brands may or may not provide automatic transmissionso do check that out if you wish to opt for an automatic transmission.Coming to one importantthing, it is the safety features in a vehicle.

Indian mentality is that”buy in a cheap price and get more”. That’s where they go wrong. If you ask me,I will always opt for the top variant as our automobile brands in India onlyprovide safety to top variants only or give it optional. It is the mostirritating thing in this automobile industry. Coming back to the topic, well,whichever car you wish to buy, it at least has two airbags in the front and isequipped with Antilocking Braking System (ABS) brakes.

People don’t considersafety a priority in India and then we have people screaming “this car is notgood, don’t buy”. All cars are good but do check the safety standards in thatcar. If that safety stuff is going little bit over your budget, it doesn’tmatter. You pay less and don’t opt for safety, you’re putting your life atrisk. Now the last thing is thetest drive of the vehicle. Go to the car showroom of your selected brandand ask for the test drive. If you have chosen a segment of more than onebrands which fit in your budget, it is recommended to go and test drive on thevery same day so you get the feel about every car which will make it easy tochoose.

I don’t want to go on andon so I rather end my article here. Hope you enjoyed reading and hope I wasable to help you to some extent. I wish you luck on buying your next car!


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