The approaching and reasoning about the business problem.

The AIM planning process for audience analysis is one component that thinks about the need for the audience, priorities, and values. ( Cardon, 2013). This component will review how the audience will respond when getting the message in thought feeling and action. Consider how the message will impact the relationships. (Cardon, 2013) Effective business communicators regularly take the following actions to tailor their messages to others: identify reader benefits and constraints, consider reader values and priorities, estimate personal credibility, anticipate reactions, and consider secondary audiences. (Cardon, 2013). It is necessary to consider quality and improvement during the product development process by incorporating the principles, tools, and methods at every stage of product development 2, 3, 4. In the process planning stage of product development, therefore, determining the appropriate process alternatives of an adequate process capability is crucial to assure product quality. ( Chin, Zheng, Wei, 2003).Another component of the planning process is the idea development process. Developing great business ideas involves sorting out the business issues and objectives, collecting as many relevant facts as possible, and making sound judgments about what the facts mean to imply. ( Cardon, 2013). They clearly and precisely identify and articulate key questions and problems. ( Cardon, 2013). Secondly, they gather information from a variety of sources. ( Cardon, 2013). Thirdly, they make well-reasoned conclusions and solutions. ( Cardon, 2013). Fourthly, they remain open to alternatives to approaching and reasoning about the business problem. ( Cardon, 2013). They are skilled at communicating with others to figure out and solve complex problems. ( Cardon, 2013). Message structuring is another component of the planning process. This includes identifying and framing the primary message and setting up the logic with supporting points and a call to action. ( Cardon, 2013). Framing the primary message: What is the primary message? What simple, vivid statement captures the essence of your message? ( Cardon, 2013). Setting up the logic message: What are your supporting points? What do you want to explicitly ask your readers to do? How will you order the logic of your message?( Cardon, 2013).Eduardo Castro-Wright, president, and CEO of Walmart store states that his strategy of organizational communication, ” Is typical to get the leadership team to an offsite. We have a very clear view of what we do for consumers around the world. And we can describe our complete strategy in 10 words. ( Wright, ).References:  Cardon, P. (2013). Business communication: Developing leaders for a networked world. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Eduardo Castro- Wright, “Walmart’s Global Sourcing Business”, 2008Kwai-Sang Chin Æ Lian-Yu Zheng Æ Li Wei, “A hybrid rough-cut process planning for quality “, 200


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