The idea that ethical acts are those

The idea that ethical acts are those that benefit themost amount or people is accurate to a limited amount of accurate.

This ideawas given by John Stuart Mill. This idea is called utilitarian maxim whichstate the greatest good for the greatest number. In modern time the greatestnumber might imply the entire world. This essay will evaluate the worthiness ofutilitarian approach and how accurate is the idea of this approach.The accuracy of idea depends upon people to people.

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Insome aspect this idea is appropriate for example a Pakistani journalist at theUN criticized the Japanese government for dumping rice into ocean instead ofsharing with the world. At this particular situation this idea is accurate andit implies for greater good. On the other hand, if the situation is to steal moneyfrom the bank to help the poor people and this idea is ethical so it isn’t.Ethics just don’t depend upon this approach but there are also other aspectsthat matter a lot such as historical evidence, religious values etc. This idea also arises many question such asutilitarianism depend upon all the people whether they are in need or not, howmany people are affected from this action in a bad way or good way, what arethe consequence of only relying on this approach and etc. When using thisapproach there are many people who are benefited but there are also people whosuffer using this approach.

If we use this approach to make any decision wealso have to look and think out of the box that is there anyone affected andwhat are their comments on using this approach. At some particular situations, this approach has itsrelevance and accuracy but at some instant this is not the only approach torely upon. If we use this approach so there are people who suffer such as inthe example of robbing a bank to help poor people, may the poor benefit but thepeople who trusted bank and kept their money in the bank they suffer.

A 27 yearold Algerian hacker Hamza Bendelladj hacked into 200 American banks andfinancial institution and gave millions of dollar to Palestinian charities. Forsome people he is a Robin Hood-esque hero but for some he is a cyber-agehoodlum. He completely relied upon this approach and was later on arrested.Everything depends upon person to person.

Some people might be consider him asa hero but some consider him as a villain. John Stuart Mill was correct on hisside and he gave an idea to look ethics in the way of utilitarian approach butthere were other philosophers who criticized on his idea and gave other ways tolook ethics. Ethics does not completely rely upon the utilitarian approach and it notcompletely accurate. It is accurate at some instant but relying upon thisapproach and not looking other aspects of ethics to make a decision is wrong.Everything should be analysed correctly and then decision should be made.


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