– that might inhibit diversity of thought and

–       A diverse living and learning community powers
us, each with our own unique life experiences, to actively and deliberately
engage with one another. To attain intellectual engagement at Towson University,
we ought to actively work in order to gain a deeper consciousness of both our
individual and collective selves that might inhibit diversity of thought and one’s perspective. A
basic need for humans is having a sense of belonging. The desire to feel
accepted and liked by those around us exist. An inclusive community does just
that. It gives residents access to resources and promotes equal opportunity. As
a community we must work cohesively to eliminate any and all forms of
discrimination. We value diversity, everyone has to the right to be a part of the
decisions that affect them and those around. I strongly believe in learning
about and celebrating different
cultures. Diversity enhances our lives, so to value our community’s
diversity is worth it. Gaining knowledge about one’s background and
how they got to be where they are today, being just one part of it. This
connects, supports, and inspires the floor community.

–       In the role of a Resident Assistant, I
must cultivate and support a sense of community, which includes an atmosphere
where every member of our the TU campus feels inspired to prosper and
contribute equally

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