Teaching Mathematics

Howard Gardner provides a number of intelligence which can be exploited by a teacher in a teaching – learning environment. Gardner’s approach simply advocates for the adjustment of instructional techniques in order to cater for individual needs (Brualdi, 2001). While teaching mathematics, teachers should pay attention to logical – mathematical intelligence.

This kind of intelligence expresses the ability of a learner to identify a blueprint, form a reason to a specific mathematical answer, and ultimately employ logical thoughts in any kind of response (Brualdi, 2001).

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Mathematical- logical intelligence is evident in young kids when they involve themselves in organizing and re-organizing things (Brualdi, 2001). As time goes by, children are able to do simple calculations without the aid objects. With progression of this kind of intelligence, some learners gain access to abstract world consequently recording a success in mathematics field.

This category of learners is systematic in reasoning complex and integrated mathematical procedures. They therefore form the backbone of a classroom where other learners can rely on for guidance. Moreover, students with abstract reasoning are fast in calculating mathematical questions. These features are evident early in a child’s life.

Math and science are co-related but also diverse in nature. While mathematics exploits the abstract world, science operates with realism. Scientist applies scientific tools and procedures in a bid to proof actuality. On the other hand, mathematicians are more concerned with patterns.

A teacher is under strict obligation to discover students with ability to form patterns and subsequently integrate them into groups with other kinds of students in order to achieve higher performance. This forms a reason for the development of mathematical – logical intelligence.

Curriculum design

Integrated curriculum design is applicable to disciplines like mathematics because of the existence of its sub – units comprising of geometry, algebra, statistics, arithmetic, calculus, probability, and ordinary deferential equations. Other social sciences including sociology, geography and political science can also be integrated to form social studies.

The benefit attached to integrated curriculum is that knowledge and skill gained is more beneficial to a learner. Subsequently, a teacher can expand the choice of subject matter i.e. geometry or algebra (Webb, 2009). On a higher note, integrated curriculum allows integration of different areas of study like science and mathematics to form futuristic which is more beneficial to a learner.

Since a teacher prepares a student for future life’s challenges, there is need for a more diversified knowledge and skills. Integrated curriculum design is widely employed at a lower level of learning where a combination of subjects like art and music can be taught concurrently for a short period of time.

To further develop mathematical – logical intelligence at a higher learning level, subject – centered design is most appropriate since it distinguishes the importance of the subject in development of intellect. This also forms a reason for going through the education system. Webb (2009) states clearly that ‘Notwithstanding the fact that subject – centered curriculum has been in existence for centuries, it is supported by essentialist and perennialist educational theories’.

In this case, essentialist maintains that the curriculum must represent the knowledge and skills imperative in a society. This is why mathematics is presented from a subject – area curriculum design where a subject is taught so as to propagate the norms and values of a society. The design is employed at an advanced study level i.e. a university or any other institution of higher learning.

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