Tap by displaying cash and outdated systems. Mobile

& Go payments are being made via traditional plastic cards but also with
new payment devices such as mobile phones, watches, or stickers – the method of
choice of the individual consumer. Transit, from public buses to highway
tollways, also continues to offer some of the greatest opportunities for
contactless. MasterCard Pay Pass is being tested and used at some of the
world’s busiest commuter hubs to improve the speed, convenience, security and
reliability of transit systems by displaying cash and outdated systems.
Mobile phones are at the center of a fundamental shift in consumer’s everyday
lives. MasterCard is helping consumers use their phones in day-to-day
activities, allowing them to leave their wallet at home and rely on their
mobile phone:
(a) Tapping the phone to pay with Near Field Communication (NFC) – enabled
(b) Having greater control of their card accounts through MasterCard in control
and text messages, with important purchase and account information direct
through to their mobile phone.
(c) Using a convenient, secure platform for all kinds of payment-related activities
from their mobile phones.
(d) Using the phone to authenticate purchases, helping to secure their card-not-present

However, contactless cards are accepted at far fewer locations than mag-stripe.

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Consumers cannot leave home with only their NFC-capable phone, because they
will inevitably need a mag stripe to pay. If you have multiple cards in your
wallet and you pay without removing them, the winner is random luck. Sometimes,
this can cause real issues. 


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