Sweden is to protect children from violence and


Sweden is aware and interested in all human being wellness. So, this
situation seems to us as a direct attack to human rights, mostly in children.


We know there are
different ONG´s that are working directly in this issue such as

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The Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) who receives funds
from charity, and that has the mission ” to reduce numbers of street and abandoned
children, to stop children being “branded” such as as witches and wizards, and
prevents to prevent children being killed for these reasons, and to facilitate
the rehabilitation of abused children.”

To achieve its goals CRARN has used the (PACT) (Preventing the Abandonment
of Children Today) campaign, which is a program that focuses on children
accused of witchcraft and avoiding the abandonment.

There is another charity, Nigeria called Stepping Stones, who is building
shelter for these abandoned children and works with Akwa Ibom and CRARN. The shelter
is giving a full service as education, medical treatments, food and has
successfully reunited 32 families with their children between 2003 and 2009

The UK gave support to this program which purpose is to prepare children
for a sustainable future. This kind of efforts should be duplicated as a best
practice in the resolutions coming out of this committee. heir efficacy serves
as an example to be followed in the current day.

On another hand the main effort is
not to change the believe in witchcraft, it is to protect children from
violence and abuse, most of these methods have been proven in other cases,
which are negotiating with families, finding allies in local churches,
providing services to vulnerable children and enforcing law. Strengthen the
structure of the family. 

We know that
laws act unfortunately against children accused for witchcraft, instead of
being for their accusators.


We completely
backup some countries had tried to put laws against accusations. For example,
in 2012 at Akwa Ibom, in Nigeria, they realized the annual International Symposium
of PACT (Preventing the Abandonment of Children Today), they did a great media
coverage to get more people know about it. After it, the government issued a
law that punishes people who accuses witchcraft (DeFraia, 2012), also this law addresses
the arrest of parents who abandoned children for witchcraft. This law was to
send the message that the police in Nigeria would no longer be lax in their
approach to child abuse.


Another chapter occurred in January 2009, the Democratic Republic of the
Congo, issued the Child Protection Law. Congo also is a signatory the African
Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, that states that children are
protected by law from any violence or abuse. This law says that accusing a
child of sorcery or witchcraft is punishable from one to three years of penal servitude.
This law has the weakness that is not well known.

UNICEF´s goal is to work with as many people involved as it can such as CRARN,
authorities, society, NGOs, members of the private sector, and other concerned
entities to count the impact this accusation of witchcraft have had in children.

called governments to integrate children into their communities, through
programs and health care services,


It is a purpose of
the EU system of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the NGO´s to take
special care to this issue, that affects Huma Rights in Africa, although we
have not idea of the real magnitude of the problem.


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