Summary all telescreens and microphones. She gives him

Summary sultan – 1984Part B starts with the encounter of Winston and the black haired girl in the corridor. As she is making her way towards him, she tumbles and falls with a sharp cry, Winston makes his way towards her to help. While all this is happening she slips him a small piece of paper that says “I love you”.

  And for that reason, Winston forgets his plan of suicidal and decides to give life another chance. A couple days later, Winston sat with the black haired girl in the cafeteria. They plan to meet more and plan to meet the same day at seven in the afternoon at Victoria square. When the time came, they made their way in-between the crowd so that they don’t get caught by the telescreens.  She tells him details about their next meet-up and with time to spare they were able to hold hands as the crowd covers their actions, from being seen by the telescreen. Their next meet-up was in the bushes away from all telescreens and microphones.

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She gives him a peck on the lips and reveals that her name is Julia. Making their way through the woods, Winston gets to know more Julia especially when they bring up the conversation about sex. He finds out that she has slept with many party members that caused one of them to commit suicide before getting caught since falling in love was restricted from their society. They get to know each other, and in return, Winston tells her the story about the walk he had with his wife a couple months after they got married and he reveals that he pushed her off a hill.

Winston asks Mr. Charrington to rent the space on the second floor of his shop. It gives them a room to spend more time together since that was not efficient. As they discuss more politics and the party, Winston realizes that Julia is not down for what he is planning to do. Later, O’Brien gets in contact with Winston and tells him about the new Newspeak and that he should give him a visit one day to get a look at it. Winston accepts the request.

Back in the room on top of the shop, Winston wakes up from his dream crying, telling Julia what he had seen in his dreams, and it was about his past more specifically about his mother and her death. 


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