Strategy for an Advertising Campaign


Scope of the Advertisement

The Sony Ericsson Inc wishes to upgrade the technology world by introducing one of the best 3G phones ever. The phone, which has a multitude of features that not only makes it a choice phone but also makes it the phone of the future, has been rated as a substitute of the common and very famous I-Phone from Apple Inc. Although the Apple remains a very expensive and sophisticated phone in the market today, with loads of technological features that make it a real display of technological inventions and advancements in the world of Information and communication technology, it is also surrounded by a lot of drawbacks that make it a nightmare for many. With a few important features of the mobile technology missing in the I-phone, and with a lot of security issues having been reported showcasing the I-phone as a great threat to its customers, the phone is indeed falling back in the world as a phone for all. In fact, its greatest challenge is its price, a price that is usually not consistent with what it offers to the market in terms of its features, reliability and affordability. The new Sony Ericsson Vivaz is hence the choice phone since it is a mix of sophistication and simplicity, giving its customers real value for their money.

The advertisement aimed at marketing the phone will mainly display its strengths compared to the I-Phone and will target the young generation as well as business people who may use the phone for different functions.

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The main objective of the advertisement will be to offer the choice phone to all generations and markets hence advancing the mobile technology to the next level (Oppapers 2010).

Budget for Advertisement Activities

The ad will consist of a strategy with different stages and levels so as to ensure the phone not only gains popularity but also is able to sustain that popularity in the market. The advertisement strategy will hence constitute of different activities including:

Use of Commercials on Television
Online Advertisements
Use of Bill Boards
Advertisement on news papers
Awarding offers to customers after they purchase the given model of phones
Awarding of gifts and gift packs from the company
Offering competitions on the radio with many gifts, including the phone, to be won (Baker 2010).

The predicted cost of advertising and of the whole advertisement strategy is as illustrated in the table below:

Table for the Expected Cost of the Whole Advertisement Strategy

ActivityPredicted Cost
Television and radio advertisements$3,000
Online Advertisements$2,000
Use of Bill Boards$5,000
Advertisement on news papers$3,000
Cost of offers to customers on the purchase of phones$5, 000
Cost of outsourcing evaluation to experts$3,000
Cost of evaluation within the company$1,000


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