Statement humanity. In pursuit of my aims and

Statement of Purpose


world is a huge engineering marvel gifted to humans. Then after that every
human has a desire to improve his living style and make this world a
comfortable place for himself and fellows. Time goes on and innovations like
gravity, waves, electricity, telephone, internet etc and their combination led
this world a gigantic place for all humans to live in joyfully and peacefully
while serving the entire humanity. Engineering is a field of transforming the
existing world to a new shape through skills and innovations and helping
humans. Choosing engineering my field has reasons of the utmost desire of
innovation and learning new things through which I can serve humanity.

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pursuit of my aims and interest, I took admission in NWFP University of
Engineering and Technology (UET) Peshawar, well known in engineering nationally
& globally. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from
University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar. Studying here exposed me
to the vast range of Electrical, Communication and Computer courses. i.e Analog
and Digital Communication Systems, Electrical Power systems, Power Generation
& Transmission, Electrical Machines, Object Oriented Programming and Data
Structures and Algorithms etc. My main areas of interest are Electrical Power
Systems, Smart Grid Communication, Cognitive Radio Networks and Wireless


my professional career, I got sound experience of Power generation,
transmission & distribution; Power Grids and related electrical Appliances
also have enough experience of different Communication systems and
communication technologies. During my internship at Pakistan locomotive factory
Risalpur, I learned the down to earth knowledge of power transmission from
132KV grid also working on the electrical machines like transformers and
locomotives. Moreover, I made a wireless Robot controlled through Programmable
Logic Controller (PLC) using RF technology and ladder Logic language, as my Final
Year Project during my bachelor’s degree. The purpose of developing Robot is to
dispose a bomb or any hazardous material at site and to monitor the location of
site for performing various tasks. For controlling robot we used PLC programmed
in ladder logic, Radio Frequency (RF) technology was used for communication
with robot and back office. Video coverage was done through CCTV. It was
completed in almost 8 months. The project was highly highlighted by security
agencies and law enforcement members in news and praised profoundly.


completing my bachelor’s degree, I started working at Ericsson Pvt. Ltd, a
telecom services provider company. Here I worked on communication technology of
mobile communication working on traffic nodes, antennas and DRU’s through a
software called operational & maintenance terminal (OMT).


 Later, I joined Ranolia Hydro Power Project Kohistan,
Pakistan, as an Electrical Engineer. I was responsible for power grid
operations like generation, transmission and distribution working on electrical
machines such as turbines, transformers, transmission lines, VFD’s etc. Here I
got hand on experience of electrical engineering and related sub fields of
control systems, automation and power networks.


aim is to provide implementable solutions to the current problems and play a
significant role in the progress of Electrical technology in my country and the
whole world. Studying at best universities in Hungary will provide me with an
opportunity to polish my skills and be part of the state of the art research
and project based works in Electrical Engineering, which will give me the
competence to meet the requirements of issues we facing.



Azhaar Ahmad Jan



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