Solving the raised issues

First, I would want to thank you for being a committed and loyal member of Gateway Resort Ltd. Your continued support and presence at Gateway Resort is highly recognized and appreciated.

The entire family group at the Resort want to express its sincere appreciation to all our members and assure them that the Resort is committed to its mission and vision that enhance giving the best services to our members at all times.

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What we believe in at the Gateway Resort is that members are the foremost key stakeholders of the company and their satisfaction is our joy and that has for a long time dictated our programs and action at the Resort whereby in everything we have undertaken, broad consideration of all our members is done irrespective of their age, gender, status or race.

Any form of dissatisfaction by any member gives us an impression that something has not been done to the expectation and now it becomes the role of the company to investigate, and improve on the concern.

Issues the cherished members of the Resort have raised carries weight that cannot be ignored. First we salute the members for forwarding their concerns about the Resort in the right way since at Gateway Resort we are all a family and open to each other. Concerns of our esteemed members constitute the blocks we can build on a treasured Resort for all people.

Gateway in dealing with every member has always strived to promote trust and respect (Cant and Heerden, 2005) since it is these core values the company believes a beneficial interdependent relationship will be formed.

More so, the company has worked towards creating real and perceived benefits in terms of services that have the capacity to fill the customers needs (Cant and Heerden, 2005) and these always is done at the Resort by identifying the unsatisfied needs and designing products and services that fit and satisfy those needs.

Establishing close relationships that are beneficial tour members is our desire since at Gateway Resort we believe that long-term relationship that satisfies customers is the key to success of the company (Lamb, Hair and MacDaniel, 2008).

With this in view our strategy has been to develop solutions that enhance customers’ bottom line since a positive customer-salesperson relationship largely contribute to trust, increased customer loyalty and the intent to continue in that relationship (Lamb, Hair and MacDaniel, 2008) and in long-run such a relationships what contributes to the growth and continuity of a company.

Gateway Resort Ltd want to assure our customers that our sales team is a highly trained group that at all time yearn to work with customers in the best way possible, in fact they are the servants of our esteemed members.

Always we strive to know the needs of our customers, we will take time to listen to you and also we will want to engage you in our decision making process (Schiavo, 2007) at the end the most important person is our customer and his or her needs are our concern.

We want to re-assure all our customers that as a company and specifically the sales team we acknowledge their views and concerns (Schiavo, 2007) and that no problem or particular issue can lack a sustainable solution if not a common ground. Gateway Resort’s ways of finding solution to pertinent issues is through consultative meetings and forums with key stakeholders.

Since our clients are part of our big family of the company, we sincerely and kindly invite all of them to a meeting that will address the issues raised and hope that a common ground will be reached to the satisfaction of everyone.

Again, we want to thank you for being a true friend, partner and client to this great company. We shall continue to provide the best services at all times which as a member you will continue to enjoy and appreciate.


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