Self-management as it keeps them organised and prepared.


Self-management is when an individual is taking full
responsibility for their own behaviour and well-being.

It is important for individuals to have good self-management
skills in a work place as it keeps them organised and prepared. For example, if
you have certain tasks to do you can always keep a diary.  You can write down exactly what you need to
do and the due date.   You keep yourself
to yourself so you do not get into any altercations and It is important to be
able to work independently and avoid inappropriate behaviour. This shows you
are very professional and on point.

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It also shows how dedicated and determined you are about the
job role, this can lead you in the direction of getting a promotion.


Explain how
can self-management skills create a better work-life balance?

When having good self-management skill, it creates a more
efficient work-lifestyle as any work that for example, you would want to hand
in a piece of work before or a dead line, due to you being able to manage your
time this is achievable.  It also causes
less stress and confusions as you are more organised.

When you are able to complete your work on time and have
your own personal spare time, your work life becomes more enjoyable.  For example, on the week days you would be at
work depending on the job and then on the weekend you would have your free time
to play sports or have fun with friends


Explain how
can you self-manage in the workplace?

You can self-manage in a business by working independently
and being prepared to overcome any obstacle, by doing this it you will be organised
and professional.

For example, being punctual maybe coming into work on time
or 15 minutes before work start’s. In addition.

In a work place you are allowed to socialise and have
friends as it is good to meet new people and work in groups as you learn more
and may find the work easier. However, there is a time and a place for
everything, if you feel like you are getting distracted, you need to remove
yourself from the distraction’s.


Explain how
can effective self-management benefit others in the workplace?


Effective self-management benefits others in the workplace
because you are able to keep yourself on track by doing all the work in a working
environment this behaviour needs to happen at all times. No problems would
occur because you are keeping yourself to yourself, you are able to rely on
yourself and nobody else, this means that if you re self-motivated you are able
to achieve anything you put your mind to.


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