School work

The poem was about a family splitting up and the parents find other partners and start a new begging. There were words missing from the poem because the words represent the family, and some one is missing out of it. When a family breaks up I think about how there life will change and why have they split up. The family could feel sad, hurt or if someone cheated on you the other person could feel betrayed, gutted and just be sad, but if you come from a bad background your feelings could be different like you could be happy your out of the relationship,

My family is a happy one I have two brother, ones called Aaron the others called jack, my mums called anthea and my dads called Ted, my family is a caring and laid back one, but they aren’t laid back with our school work. My character is called Matthew Allan, he is a calm man unless he is startled, he has a good personality and gets on great with the ladies, and he has a cheerful voice, which is loud but gentle, he takes pride with his job even though he is a taxi driver and doesn’t care what people think about him, though he takes pride he isn’t very punctual.

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He is a very loving man who cares dearly about his family and his to daughter called Corrine and Annaliese, Corrine is the eldest one which has passed her exams and is on her way to university and her father is very proud of her and wants her to do her best and Annaliese is a sixteen year old girl which is just about to start her exams, he isn’t as close to Annaliese as Corrine. My wife is called Emalou and he loves her very much but there has been some trouble lately.

We used hot seating to find out our personalities and a technique where we pushed against each other to create tension and anger for our argument scene. We found out that our characters were natural to us and how they felt going through a tough stage in their lifetime. We used character building sessions where we just talked to each other to help us get a feel for the character and to get to know some about the other characters.

The script The story of our play is my sixteen year old daughter is pregnant and the parents don’t know, but her mum forces it out of her at dinner when she goes to bed and she doesn’t tell Matthew the dad, and she takes her to the doctors and has a pregnancy test to see if its positive and it is. On the way home the dad is on his last run and he picks up the nurse from the doctors and she starts talking about a girl called Annaliese Allan, which is pregnant and she’s sixteen, and Matthew clicks on and nearly has an accident and then h goes home has a confrontation with his wife and then after a few weeks they split up over a sausage sandwich, they split up because there always arguing.

We used monologues to interact with the audience and show what we was thinking and we used marking the moment to show the key moment of the play this showed the key feature and attracted a lot of attention. In drama I have learned that you can portray many fictional situations, which actually happen in real life which helps you think, feel and act as they would in that situation. I have learned that families break up in many different ways, one person could have an affair, they just might fall out of love and there might be abuse in the family.

The techniques we used were monologue, marking the moment, hot seating and an exercise where we just talked to each in our characters to get to learn their personalities and freeze-framing. We used monologues to show what our characters were thinking and feeling, marking the moment to show the key part of the play, hot seating and our personality exercise helped us get to know our characters and their feelings, we used freeze framing to separate to different scenes to make it clear and easy to understand.

I think we worked well in our groups as we all got along really well and we did our work instead of messing about, we did well on our drama work because we put a lot of time and effort into it and I believe we did well when we performed it. I am going to improve on my body expressions and on my use of techniques as I believe they will help me achieve a higher grade and will improve my skills in drama and my performance. I believe our performance went very well as it went smoothly we all had good focus, we new what we was doing and the techniques like freeze frames came in at the right time.


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