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ROME’S FAMOUS MONUMENTS”A monument is: A statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a notable person or event. Or a building, structure, or site that is of historical importance or interest.”1. St. Peter’s BasilicaThis is considered to be the largest Basilica of Christianity and one of two largest churches in the world. It has a capacity of 60,000 people and there are 100s of Tombs here which includes 91 Popes. Michelangelo’s Pietà is located here as well as Michelangelo’s Dome which has 491 steps up a spiral staircase, which brings you up to the roof of the church and the top of the dome. It has nearly 4 million tourists visiting a year.2. The ColosseumConstruction started on the Colosseum in 70 AD and it took 10 years to complete. It is 157 feet in height and it is the largest Amphitheatre build in the Roman Empire. There were 4 main floors each with 80 arches, and could seat 50,000 spectators. Below the Colosseum there were numerous rooms and tunnels where they housed gladiators and animals, as well as hand operated elevators. Over 1 million animals died in the course of the colosseum games. The south side of the Colosseum has been damaged by several earthquakes. It is one of Rome’s most popular attractions with 3.9 million visitors a year.3. PantheonThe Pantheon is believed to be around 2,000 years old and it is the most preserved Ancient Roman Monument. It has been used as a Roman Catholic Church since the 7th century. On the outside there are eight granite columns and on the inside is a magnificent dome. There are no windows except for an oculus, called the eye of the Pantheon. To this day people don’t know what materials were used to build the Pantheon, as the materials seem very similar to modern day concrete.4. Trevi FountainTrevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world. It was built in the 15th century and underwent renovation 1732, as Pope Urban VIII thought the previous fountain was underwhelming. It gets its name from where its located, which is at the junction of three roads – ‘tre vie’ translates to three ways. People think that if you throw a coin into the fountain, it will ensure a visit back to Rome. Each night the money is collected, which is roughly €3,000 and given to an Italian Charity.ROME’S FAMOUS ARTWORKSArt is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”1. The Sistine ChapelMichelangelo spent four years painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. This was not a job that Michelangelo wanted to do as he considered himself a sculptor rather than a painter. He described the project as torture in a poem he wrote. Although Michelangelo painted the ceiling, the paintings on the walls are by various other painters. Currently 25,000 tourists visit the chapel daily, which equals 5 million tourists a year. 2. Michelangelo’s PietàMichelangelo created Pietà in 1499, which is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary taking Jesus down from the cross. This sculpture is considered as Michelangelo’s greatest work, as many think it’s more impressive than the Sistine Chapel. It was carved from a single slab of marble and it’s the only piece of work Michelangelo ever signed. It is on display in St. Peters Basilica behind a bullet prove glass as it was attacked in 1972 with a hammer, which resulted in Mary’s left arm being broken off as well as the tip of her nose, and her eye and cheek being damaged.3. Mosaics in Santa Maria in TrastevereThe Church of St. Mary or Santa Maria was the first church ever built in Rome between the 3rd and 4th century. It was rebuilt in the 12th century and on the outside of the church there is a Romanesque bell tower with a clock, and a mosaic both dating back to when the church was rebuilt. Inside the church are very impressive mosaics by the artist Pietro Cavallini named “Stories of the Holy Virgin”, which are also from the 12th century.4. Gallery of Mirrors, Palazzo Doris PamphiliThe Gallery of Mirrors is located inside Palazzo Doria Pamphilj which is the largest and most magnificent palace in Rome. The Palace has the largest collection of privately owned artworks in Rome. The Gallery of Mirrors which is one of many galleries inside the palace, was designed in 1730. 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