Renee practiced Natural Selection throughout the Holocaust. The

Renee Schoonover

English 10

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January 22, 2018


“Treatment of Homosexuals and the
Physically and Mentally Handicapped”


the holocaust many different minorities were being persecuted. Some of those
minorities were Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, individuals who were either
mentally or physically disabled, and those who suffered from a psychiatric
disorder. Not only were they persecuted, but they were also forced to undergo
harsh experiments so that the Nazis’ could create the perfect race. The persecution
of these groups was often not brought up when learning about the holocaust
because they were not recognized as victims of the holocaust due to the Nazi’s
beliefs about those minorities.

            The Nazi’s
beliefs played a huge role in which minorities would be persecuted. They
basically practiced Natural Selection throughout the Holocaust. The Nazi’s
believed they were the superior race and those who were not German did not
deserve to live. They also believed that those who were heretically disabled
were a waste of life and did not deserve to have the opportunity to have
offspring or in some cases live. When the holocaust started the Nazi’s did
experiments on these minorities, so they could attempt to make the perfect
race, others they just persecuted.

            During the
beginning of the holocaust, it was mainly just people of the Jewish minority
and those who had physical or mental disabilities that were being persecuted.
They were sent to concentration camps where they were beat to death,
experimented on, injected with poisons, or put in gas chambers. Eventually more
minorities such as homosexuals were also being persecuted and experimented on. “Specific
emphasis will be on men because of their special persecution under paragraph
175, and the type of treatment inflicted on them. Lesbians were not persecuted
as often, and were not seen as a threat.” (,2013) This quote shows how
important the Nazi’s beliefs were when it came down to which individual was to
be persecuted.

the Holocaust “Hirschfeld did a lot of research in sexology, specifically with
gay, lesbian, and even intersex people… much of Hirschfeld’s research was
focused on separating homosexual men and women from heterosexuals and proving
that they were their own “third sex.” (,2013) While this research was
going on a group of Nazis’ broke into the research facility and stole all their
research. The information that they didn’t steal they destroyed. After this, homosexuals
were being forced to get sterilized so that they couldn’t reproduce and have
homosexual offspring. They were also forced to wear pink triangle patches so
that the guards knew what minority they were. Instead of the women being
persecuted, they were arrested and forced to get sterilized. This was because
the Germans believed that women did not have relationships with other women,
they were just believed to have a really close friendship with other women.

            Just like
the homosexuals, those with a psychiatric disorder were also being persecuted
or sterilized. The main victims of this minority were those who had
schizophrenia. This was because the Germans believed that schizophrenia was
passed down from generation to generation through a recessive gene.
(ncbi.nlm.nih,2009) The hospitals were getting so overpopulated with
schizophrenic people that they had to discharge them and put them in asylums
until they were able to get sterilized. In hospitals the persecution of people
with psychiatric disorders became part of their daily routine.

the Germans beliefs played a huge role in the treatment and persecution of
those who were homosexual, a different race, or facing a mental or physical
disability. Their beliefs were also the reason behind why most of these victims
are not brought up when learning about the victims of the holocaust who were
persecuted or experimented with.


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