Recent blamed for something that isn’t their fault.

Recent studies state that the terror threat level in the UK has gone from “severe” to “critical”, meaning that an attack is expected imminently. Hearing this horrible news, makes us wonder why? Why do certain religious or racial groups feel like this kind of cruel and threatening behaviour is acceptable or can ever be justified, whatever their motivation or however strong their beliefs? All these terrorist attacks, whether at home or in other nations, are sickening to hear about, since they almost always involve suffering or even death for innocent people. Any individual from any nation might be innocently walking round a shopping centre, not expecting any form of violence incidents, only to be caught up in the latest terrorist strike. At the very best, being part of this experience would be traumatic, at the worst the outcome may be injury or even death.

 In the UK, these attacks are becoming more common. So who is to blame? The answer to that question is normally considered by UK citizens to be some form of Muslim group but is this fair? If it is true, should they be allowed to come to the UK in the first place, or should there be restrictions? I believe that we cannot judge every Muslim to be a terrorist, logically, not all Muslims are the same horrible monsters you hear about on TV. These media reports are shocking, but the tragic news, should be spoken about more. People should not be scared to express their opinions on this topic, as this is an important issue and no one should live in fear. Surely bringing the topic into the open would make people more informed about the Muslim religion and maybe rescue suspicion of every Muslim.

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Muslims are really quickly judged by their physical appearance and not their personality. People instantly see them as the fanatic Muslims that slaughter others because of their beliefs. When an act of terrorism strikes, people think nothing more of them than a 6-letter word which was hijacked by the terrorists who wrongly use their religion as a justification for their own extreme acts. News reporters and newspaper companies write about how the Muslim nation should apologise. Why? Why should they apologise, even when they have nothing to do with what had happened? Is this how these innocent human beings should be treated? Is this justice? No! No one should be blamed for something that isn’t their fault. Looking for someone to blame for these tragedies, we cannot label all Muslims with terrorist characteristics. Alarmingly people have been spreading the word saying that not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims, often followed up by the question “Why don’t we see Christian, Buddhist or Jewish terrorists?” Studies since 2001 have revealed that almost 100 terror attacks have been committed in the UK alone. Most of these attacks were planned by Muslim citizens, which is the reason why people blame them. Even though there is proof that Muslims have actually carried out these atrocities, this still does not mean that the 3.8 billion Muslims in the world are all terrorists! This would be like saying that if a young man attacked an elderly women in the street, all elderly women should fear of young men. This is clearly nonsense.

 Obviously, everyone has their own opinion, which means there are two sides to the Muslim terrorist question. People believe that all Muslims are untrustworthy. This might be considered a good perspective, as we never know who is or is not a terrorist. We might even walk past one on the street. Therefore it might be considered safer to believe the theory that we cannot trust anyone who looks like a Muslim. With this in mind some people have even suggested about banning the burka and also not allowing anyone except UK citizens into the UK.  In December 2016, 50% of people supported the banning of the burke due to the huge terror threat. However in a free county “What a women wears, is a women’s choice.” This was stated by Teresa May when she was quizzed about this issue. She also emphasised that the UK will not discriminate against any religion, no matter the situation. In theory, we may believe this to be right, but it is definitely a risk factor.

 In the past moths, London has been struck by a fifth terrorist attack in 2017, when a van rammed into 5/6 people on Westminster Bridge. As a symbol of compassion, a group of Muslims gave 3000 roses to people on the bridge in a demonstration of love and support after the tragedy, stating “After the events of last weekend we are making a symbolic gesture of love for the communities affected by the attack” These actions show us that not all Muslims are cold-hearted and untrustworthy. Neither does it prove the opposite. All I am suggesting is that all Muslims should not be treated as murderers or terrorists. Muslim or not, even though you know someone very well, it does not mean that you can trust them. In today’s society, we find it hard to trust anyone, even our next door neighbour. What we see on the surface may not be the whole picture.

 To conclude, Muslims as a race and religious group are not to blame for every terrorist attack! When people believe an attack by Muslims has taken place, they don’t hesitate to speak out. But when it comes to anti-Muslim crimes, people’s reactions are delayed, or sometimes non-existent. Muslims are still humans too, with the right to wear/go where they want to. We cannot single out people on the grounds of race and religion and make generalisations. If you put yourself in their position, you would be stunned at the amount of hate, they are subjected to. To support this attitude would make us guilty in our hearts as those evil individuals who commit murder for their beliefs. 


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