4 column. It fades from black to white

 4 Common Elements – The newsletter contains all the common elements of a newsletter these are:  Date Not all of these Common Elements have been included in this newsletter there is no date anywhere on the newsletter.

But all the others have been included. 5 Layout – The first thing on the newsletter is the issue number this is one of the common elements. It is 12-point font and bold.

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It has been aligned to the top right of the page opposite the title. The background of the newsletter has shading.This is behind the right column. It fades from black to white form right to left.

This column contains the index if the newsletter which is also one of the column elements. Each item in the index has been placed in a text box. There are 12 of these boxes altogether they cover the whole length of the page. This is the first page of a multiple page newsletter. It has 4 pages I can tell this because of the index. At the bottom of the first column there is another photograph. This is of people celebrating the college’s success. This picture also has curved corners just like the picture at the top of the page.

At the bottom of the second column is a description of the picture at the top of the page. At the bottom of the second column is a description of the pictures next to it. This is emphasized with bold text.

At the very bottom of the newsletter under the three columns in the centre of the page the college logo has been placed. This is used to show that it is an official Grimsby college product. The third column of the newsletter contains the index. The index items are placed in the text boxes, which have no outline. The backgrounds of the textboxes are shaded like the background of the newsletter but the other way around.

Black to white from left to right. This is a good effect with the background. The article names in the boxes are 14 point, Arial. It has been emphasized bold to make it stand out.

Page numbers are also in the boxes on a line under the article names. These are also bold and in smaller font most likely 12 point. All the text in the boxes are centred. The boxes are equally spaced to fill the whole column 6 Heading – The main heading of the newsletter is set out like a logo. it contains the words college and matters, where the word “Matters” imposed over the word college. Both of these words are written in the font San Serif.

The word college is written in Arial Black and the word “Matters” is also written in Arial Black, the font size used maybe 28point. This has been placed in a text box with curved corners probably obtained from the auto shape menu. The text is aligned to the centre of the box. 7 Images – Directly under the main heading is a photograph of Grimsby College media block, this is about three quarters of the width of the logo above. This has curved corners like the auto shape box used for the title.

Part of the picture is covered by a logo which is all so in a rounded rectangle.This goes about a centimetre down from the top of the picture and about two centimetres into it. The background of the shape is white and so is the outline. It contains an image and with the words “The Beacon Awards” these are written in Times New Roman font and empathised with italics. Together the pictures and the logo cover the full length of the heading. 8 Sub Headings – Just under the pictures is the sub heading this is one of the common elements of a newsletter. This is Arial font 20point. The covers two of the three columns on the page.

Just under the heading the main body of the newsletter starts.This text is split in to two columns. This text is in Arial font much like all of the text on the page. 9 margins – The margins of the newsletter have been altered. They have been made smaller to allow more space to write on the newsletter.

Consistent spacing is used on the newsletter one line space has been placed between all the elements of the newsletter. 10 Language – The text of the newsletter is divided into paragraphs and separated by a single line spacing. The words used are very formal. There are a lot of technical words used. The language used is very dull and average.

Both short and long sentences are used in the newsletter.There are a lot of quotes in the newsletter these placed in speech marks and emphasised in italics. Page Skip Hire Statement 1 Topic – This is a statement from Page Skip hire to one of their customers. This is the second invoice to be sent to the customer for the particular order. The topic of a invoice is the fact that the first invoice has not been paid on time. 2 Purpose – The purpose of the statement is to inform the customers of what they owe. It informs them that they not paid their bill by the date requested and to ask them to pay it as soon as possible.

3 Audience – The audience is one of the company’s customers.This will probably be mainly businesses but could also be private citizens. 4 Common Elements – This document looks like a standard document that is printed off a computer and then filled in with the needed details as and when needed. This is an invoice but it is laid out more like a letter than an invoice. The common elements on a letter are:This document has all the common elements of a letter but not all the common elements of an invoice.

5 Layout – This is a very plainly laid out document it has no graphical images on it and very few enhancement techniques have been used. This first item on the letter is the company’s letterhead. This has been aligned centrally in to the middle of the page. This contains the name and address of the company it is all written in capital letters.

The font sized used 16points. The address has been separated and placed on six lines. Then there is one line space and then the company’s telephone number and fax number.Theses are cantered under the address. The font used for this letterhead is Times New Roman this Serif font and the default font for Microsoft word. About two lines under this are the customer’s details.

These are aligned to the right and in double lined spacing. 6 Date – The date is on the letter, this has been written by hand after the document has been printed. This is just under the customers details. It has been written on the right hand side of the page in short date format. There is then a large gap before the rest of the letter this is inconsistent with standard letter format.

Next is salutation the one used is “Dear Sir” this is aligned to the left it has been written in font size 10point and style Times New Roman 7 Salutation – under the salutation a space has been left for the body of the text. This is about nine line spaces. In the spaces the invoice number of the invoice that needs to be paid, the amount owed and the date it should have been paid and have been written in by hand. 7 Body – Under that there is a short note to the customer asking them to pay the bill and stating that it is overdue. This is done in double line spacing. The complimentary closes is then placed under the body of the letter.This has been centred. The letter has then been signed by hand.

The last item on the letter is the name of the owner. This has been typed on and is in capitals. The main text of the letter is in Times New Roman this is a very clear and business like font. It is also very plain and professional. The main text is in 12point. There is very little emphasis on the letter. Overall the spacing of the letter is inconsistent with different spacing being used on different parts of the letter. There is not much text on the statement.

8 Margins – It looks like when the document was made the margins where not altered for the windows default settings.Cleethorpes Builder Merchants Statement 1 Topic – This is a statement from Cleethorpes Builders Merchants to one of their customers detailing how much the customer owes and when it needs to be paid by. 2 Purpose – The purpose of this statement is to tell the customer how much they owe to the company and when it needs to be paid by. It details what the customer is being charged for, so if there is a mistake the customer can detect it. 3 Audience – The audience are the company’s customers they will be construction companies.

4 Common Elements – The common elements of an invoice are: Company Letterhead  Address of Customer  Reference.Date  Page number  Details about goods  Amount owed  Fate to be paid by This invoice contains all the common elements which are standard for an invoice. 5 Layout – in the top left hand corner of the statement is a logo. The page is split into two columns with different information in each. Next to the logo is the word statement this in the first column of the newsletter.

It has been done in capitals and 18point font. It is also in a Sna Serif font and the style Arial. At the top of the second column in the same style are the words “Remittance Advice. ” 6 Logo – The next item on the page in both columns is the company’s logo.This is a banner containing three parallelograms, these have a dark background and have white text in them.

The text is all in capitals and is about 18ponit font. The font column and again next to it in the second column. The version on the left is slightly bigger than the version on the right of the page. The logo on the left is about 10 cm long and 3 cm high where as the one on the right is 8 cm long and two cm high. Under each of the logos is the address of the company. This is on the line then directly under the logo. Under it are the telephone number and fax number of the company.

Both if these lines of text have been centred under the logo, then there is a line of space. In the left hand column under the companies address and aligned to the left there is a text box with a black outline which contains the word “to”. Under this is the information for the customer which is also aligned to the left of the page. Across from the customer information, still in the same column is the “reference”. There is a line space, then under that is the “date sent” and finally under that is the number of pages in the document.

These heading have been aligned using tabulation.This document looks like a standard document has been printed out then had information like the date, reference and other details printed on afterwards. Next on the page there is space of three lines, then a table which has been used to arrange the information about the customers account.

The first row of the table contains five headings date, ref, details, debit and credit. These look like they are all in one column and tabulation has been used to align them. The background of the cell has been shaded black. The text is Arial pint 12, bold and white. These titles have not been evenly spaced access the cell.Under this row is another cell white a black border 0. 75 pint line weight and a clear background. This contains information that looks like it has been typed on after the document has been printed out.

The length of the box is about just under half of the page. These lengths are 10. 5 cm and the height of the table is 13. Under this table is another table there Is about one line space between them. Unlike the table above this one has columns. It is split in to five columns and 2 rows.

The first row of text contains time frames. The texts in these cells are centred at 10 points. This table is 10. 3cm long and 2.1cm high. Finally the last item in the column is another table which contains the total amount due. This table is laid out like the other two using the same font and shading.

It is just under the last column of the table above near the middle of the document. However this is not inline with the other two tables. This table is 2.

4 cm wide and 2 cm high. The second column has the words remittance advice centred at the very top. Below this there will be the company logo which is next to the logo in the other column it is, but it is slightly smaller. This column is smaller. This column is smaller than the one to its left.It contains almost the same information as the column to the left.

However instead of having a box with “to” written it as it has one containing the word “from” in it. The ref, date, page and information in the first table are all the same in the column opposite. This column contains two tables unlike the left column which contains three.

These tables have been placed in exactly the same places as in the first column. The table that is missing form this column is the second one down the page. There is just a gap where the table is in the first column.

7 Margins – The page margins have been altered top allow more space to write in.all four of the margins have been made smaller. Sky Television Statement 1 Topic – This document is a statement from Sky to one of their customers. The purpose of the document is to inform the customer of how much they owe Sky for box office movies. 2 Purpose – The purpose is to inform the customer of how much they owe to sky and to tell them that this will be paid by direct debit form their accounts. 3 Audience – The audience are Sky customer.

This is anyone who owns a Sky box. It will be adults who earn enough to afford Sky television. 4 Common Element – The Common elements of an invoice are:Company logo  Company Address  Address of Customer Reference  Date Page Number  Details About Goods Amount owed  Date to be paid This statement contains all of these common elements apart from the number of page of the document. However this could be because it is only a one page document. 5 At the very top of the statement is the sky logo, this has been aligned to the centre of the page.

Just the word Sky is in light blue Sna Serif font. I know the colour of the logo is light blue, however on the copy I have it in black because it has been printed form a black and white printer.About four lines under the logo aligned top the left of the page is the reference and the customer’s details, these are in size 10 point font.

Opposite the customer details is the customer account information and two lines under this is the statement date. Both these items have been aligned using tabs. They are aligned to the left of the page. They are size 12 point font and font style Arial. Under the customer details and also aligned to the left of the page is a bar code which is about half a cm high and five cm in width.

There is another line space and then the main title of the document.This is “Sky Statement” it has been aligned to the centre and has been underlined to emphasize it this is all in capital letters size 14 point Arial font. 6 Body – Two lines under the heading is a note to the customer this is in a font look’s like Comic Sans ms. It has asterisks around it and is emphasized with italic plus bold and has been aligned to the left of the page. One line under this is “The Balance Carried” forward is next this text is bold. This text is aligned using the tab keys. It has been emphasized using bold.A sub title “Payment history” is written two lines under “Balance Carried Forward” this is inline with the text above it and is also emphasized with bold.

This is also size 14 point font like the writing above it. Under this is the payment history information including payment received and the date. Opposite this aligned to the left of the page is the figure that has been paid. A line under this aligned just slightly right of the centre of the page is the “total payment” this text has been emphasized in bold and is size point font’.

The total payment figure is aligned just under the history figure but it is in bold text.There is then a gap and then the sky box office logo which looks a bit like a cinema ticket. There is then a line and under that in emphasized font are the words sky box offices. Next to that in brackets and about 8 point font is another note to the customer. There is then a gap in the invoice of about two lines.

Under this is the sky box office logo. This is aligned to the right of the page and looks like a cinema ticket. One line under this is a sub heading which has been emphasized in bold. Next to the sub heading is a note to the customer which is in size 8 point font and has brackets placed around it.The information about the films that the customer has ordered and the cost of them are the next item on the page. This has been placed in a borderless table which has three columns and five rows.

Under the table there is the total sky box office bill that needs to be paid. This is the total in capitals and has been emphasized in bold. The total figure has a double line under it, it is also in bold text. At the very bottom of the letter there is a statement to the customer in small print. This says that the payment will be taken from their bank accounts and they do not need to do anything.This is centre to the middle of the statement and is about 8 point font. There is a large black space at the bottom of the newsletter which has not been used for anything. The language on this statement is very polite and formal towards the customer.

The statement contains a lot of information which the customer needs to be able to clearly read and understand. The language used is fairly simple but not childish to make the customer feel like they are being patronised. 7 Margins – the document looks like it has had its top margin changed to make it smaller so the logo can be placed higher.But the other three margins look like they are the same as they were in the default setting. Evaluation Surivial Gmaes Good points about the presentational style Good points about the presentational style of the survival games newsletter are that they have been placed in the columns which help to split up the text and make it easier to read and understand.

A lot of images have been used in the document; these images suit the style of the news letter and are fun. Bad points about the presentation style Bad points about the presentational style are that the newsletter is very plain. It uses the font Times New Roman.

Very few enhancement techniques have been used. The newsletter is very plain and boring. Improvement The newsletter could be improved by changing the borders around the text boxes so that they were thicker and also changing the style so they would be more eye catching. I also added shading to part of the newsletter behind some of the paragraphs of text to emphasize them. Using different fonts to make the make the text more interesting for the reader would improve the newsletter.

Changing the gutters to make the column wider would also improve the newsletter because it would make the newsletter look fuller.Good points about the writing style The writing style of the document is good because it is easy to read. They also use emotive language this is good because its get the reader interested. Bad points about the writing style A bad point about the writing style is that it is very simple and may not be suitable for the audience of the newsletter. Also people will lose interest in the language very quickly. Peak performance Good points about the presentational style A good point about the presentational style of this newsletter is the index.


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