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The vast majority of people are fond of movies and find many of them rather education and helpful to their every day life. One of the most powerful sides of any movie is raising and discussing numerous psychological problems and concepts, which help to solve vital problems and challenges and be satisfied with the results. One of such movies, which may touch human soul and mind, is Rain Main starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. This movie describes a story of a young man, Charlie Babbit, who is eager to take his father’s business and money after the latter’s death; however, the dreams of Mr. Babbit are failed, when he gets to know that all father’s money go to his brother, he has not known before. Now, Charlie has to meet his brother, gain his confidence, and make him give money.

But the events become more interesting, when Charlie meets Raymond and comprehends that their lives are so connected. Raymond’s autism is one of the first problems, Charlie has to cope with; but everything is not that easy as Charlie expects. Rain Man teaches people trust, care, and support each other, helps to comprehend and assist those people with autism spectrum, and explains that people are not always all-powerful, and certain whims of destiny cannot be outwitted. Psychology is regarded as a science about behavior and all mental processes, which are inherent to people and other living beings (Nevid, 2008). The major point of this science is its grounds to observations and theories, because all facts about beings have to be collected first of all, and their organized into theories in order to explain human behavior and their reactions to certain situations, predict possible consequences, and influence or even improve future behavior. Lots of psychological concepts exist and considerably influence human attitude to current events, problems, and challenges. These concepts make people differ from each other and represent absolutely different reaction to the same situations. Some psychological concepts are perfectly described and analyzed in movies, songs, and works of arts.

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However, movies are the best examples of how certain psychological concepts have to be accepted by people. Rain Man is a wonderful film about complicated relations between two brothers, where one of them is suffering from autism and another is suffering from his desire to have as much money as possible. The concepts of autism, conformity, and trust are described in the movie; and the peculiarity of this story is that one concept is closely connected to another concept, and the consequences of one concept influence considerably the development of another one.

Autism is a psychological concept that is described by unbelievable work of human mind that is not inherent to ordinary people and specific social interaction and communication with other people (Rodriguez, 2008). Raymond, the main character in Rain Man perfectly describes the concept of autism: his reactions to slight changes in his life, his attitude to people and their mistakes, his desire to follow one and the same order of events. The theme of autism is implied in the plot and even creates a wonderful and strong ground for the development of the events and other psychological concepts. The concept of trust may be examined in both main characters on the movie.

Charlie, as an ordinary man, who is eager to become rich and does not take many efforts, trusts only to himself. He believes that trust to other people will make him weaker; this is why he tries to use his charm in order to make other people trust him. In comparison to Charlie, Raymond does not actually care about this concept, because he is not aware of the consequences of trust; he even does not actually comprehend what trust should mean. This is why he listens to his brother and believes each his word. As a psychological concept, trust is used to predict human acceptance of mood and behavior by other people. In this movie, a person gets a wonderful opportunity to evaluate how the concept of trust may be used in two different ways: to trust people and be a person, whom other people trust. From this very concept, another not less important concept of conformity may be observed.

Raymond trusts Charlie, this is why he obeys to each Charlie’s order. The concept of conformity, displayed by Raymond, involves acting in certain ways in order to achieve certain goals and ask Charlie to meet own demands. In spite of the fact that Charlie is the person, who trusts nobody, his conformity is displayed when he cannot resist Raymond demands to turn on TV and watch the program People’s Court (Rain Man). Raymond reaction to impossibility to watch his favorite program is so terrible and loud, that Charlie has nothing to do but find the way and find the TV-set for his brother. In this way, the concept of conformity demonstrates how a person can sacrifice own demands and interests in order to please another person and predict brother’s agony. The significance of these concepts is really amazing: two brothers, who should spend some time together, try to unite the above-mentioned psychological concepts, displayed within them in different ways, and understand own demands, desires, and needs.

Rain Man helps to realize how one and the same concepts may have absolutely different consequences for two brothers in the same situations. The ideas, raised in the movie, help many people comprehend this world and its challenges better. Within a short period of time, an egoistic person turns into a caring brother, who is going to sacrifice many things and people in order to be closer.

People always learn on their own mistakes, however, those people, who watch this movie attentively should evaluate the situation and make use of the story. We have to trust to each other, or each of us will become an egoist and cheapskate. Our life is too short to reduce to money and personal satisfaction. People around also deserve love and care, and if someone has a chance to share this support and love, it is necessary to use such chance soon. The analysis of three psychological concepts in the movie Rain Man provide me with a chance to comprehend that the essence of our lives is not about money, food, and satisfaction. Nowadays, it turns out to be so weird to help other people and care about own relatives, who suffer from incurable disease or inborn defects. Tom Cruise’s character serves as a good example of how egoistic people may chance because of the circumstances and teaches us to open our eyes on human problems much earlier.

Raymond starring Dustin Hoffman is the character, who perfectly displays the concept of autism and the challenges, people with such disorder may face with. Each character and the director of the movie Rain Man did a good job to explain the concepts of autism, trust, and conformity and advise people how to live this life properly.

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