Question1: can have a direct impact on customer

Question1: The company is a hotel in Singapore, the main purpose is to design a mobile application for check-in and check-out hotels. The core concern is to solve the problem that during the lone queue, the customer can be able to use this application to check-in with their electronic devices if the reception desk is busying.

At the same time, the customers can also use the application to check-out as they wish to leave the hotel. This application can save time in queuing up for check-in. It is convenience to choose the type of room that customer wants through the application as well as check-in and check-out time. The stakeholders in the hotels are: 1: employees, those staff that work for the hotel, employees are important contributors to customers, and if the company loses important employees, it can have a direct impact on customer service and the hotel; 2: The owner or shareholder that owns the parts of the company(investor), if the benefits of company operations are substantial, then shareholders will be satisfied.

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3: Supplier, they provide the hotel’s cleaning products, daily supplies as well as the food ingredients and more; 4: Customers. Customers are one of the most important external stakeholders that a company should consider, without the customers, the company can no longer exist, and the customer can most directly bring the company profit. As long as the company starts losing the customer, the company cannot continue to operate.5: Local community. Question2: The scope of this new system is to design a mobile check-in and check-out application for the user, it is more convenient to the customer when there is a crowd on the hotel reception, this allows the customer to check-in in a shortcut way and to be more convenient. To have this system, it can improve the quality of customer check-in speed, so that every customer does not need to wait so long to check-in. The deadline for this system is approximately half a year.

The budget of this system is about 100,000,00$.             Question3: This flow chart basically tells about the check-in system in a hotel, and the process of reserving hotel rooms by using the mobile application. First of all, the user should open the application on the mobile devices, then the user should select the arrival date and departure date and check the availability. After selecting the rooms, the application will turn to the next page and allow the customer to choose their favorite room. In this check-in system, it is possible to let the customer add additional room in case there are plenty of customer to stay. Question5: For this check-in system, I would consider using vendor services, the custom-developed to build my system, which the software based on 100% on my requirements, any dissatisfaction or difficulty of the customers during their development process can be improved by the customers’ preferences, which is the most important benefit of custom-developed software.

The advantages that using custom-developed system is that all the business requirements are able to add inside the system. The software can be easily maintained, modified and add more functions by the technical support team as the requirements changes. To use the vendor services, they may have a lot of experts with experiences doing this kind of system, thus the speed of complete this software should be much faster than doing in other ways. The sooner the software completed, the faster the company can start to release the software to the public and the faster the software can get the profit back by the system. Comparing vendor services to in-house and packaged software, the pros are that there is no conflict in legal requirements, the system will follow the local regulations, if the company buy the packaged software from other countries and some of the functions are not allowed in this countries, then the whole system may be prohibited and cost great loss. Moreover, the company no need to face the risks about the copyright problem and follow-up troubles if using custom-developed. However, the disadvantages of this custom-developed system is the high cost, the company has to spend several times the prices in order to build this system, but I believe once the system release, the application will profit back to the company very soon.

 Question 6: The first objective is specific, in my company   Question 7: Feasibility study. The first aspect of feasibility is technical feasibility, the purpose is to determine whether the company is able to do this software or not. For this system, my company decide to let the experts complete this mobile hotel check-in check-out system, for now, I do not think that my own company has the capability to do this system, because as a newly started company, we indeed have IT programmer, but they are not enough to finish this project, so the company decide to let the vendor services to handle this software. Meanwhile, the company also intend to send our IT people to train more about technic in this field. The second aspect of feasibility is economic feasibility.

The purpose of this feasibility is to determine the pros and savings that come from this system. Through this system, the convenience of check-in and out can directly improve the hotel’s revenue and passenger traffic. Over time, the benefits that profit back by the system is considerable. For the intangible, I would think that as we design this software, use this software to enhance the customers’ satisfaction with our company, as well as our company’s reputation.

In general, the cost of building this system is worthy to spend. The third aspect of feasibility is legal feasibility. The purpose of this feasibility is to determine whether this software conflicts with legal requirements or not. First of all, the most important thing about this system is to prevent the leakage of personal information of customers. On the process of building this system,the technic support team will put more efforts on system protection and increase the protection measures to prevent the data from being stolen.

Second, in this software, there is no act of cheating consumers or scams while all the functions are legal and there is no legal conflict.


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