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No matter how we name it, but any project: a
website or other ”work” is aimed at achieving specific goals. Nothing is done
by chance – everything has a logically reasoned explanation. So to have a good
operating website application, first must have a vision is a most important of
all and then you can implement. The guest house web app is written in PHP
language which is used for web applications. The architecture of this web app
is sensible as the user can update guest details in the web, also it is
functional because in the comments you can add up to 65000 characters and the
user can write any information about the guests special requirements for
example non smoking room, extra bed in the room, about the food allergies or
anything else. Mike and the Erehwon Guest House website has a client-server and
two tier architecture. The client connects to the server by the network whose
purpose is not only to connect but also to manage. The network passes the
client request to the appropriate server and returns the result of the task.
For example in your website the user can store details of each guest and if
requested the record can be readed from the server, updated or deleted that
means the software provides an interface.

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Also, I thing that your website should be
public for your guests, that people could book a room by itself on the website,
it would be much easier for them and you, as some people are better would use
booking or making reservations through website instead of calling through the
phone, but of course for that you would need a reservation software component.

It is good that Erehwon Guest House has a
good Internet connection but unfortunately that is not enough for hosting a
website, first you need to create and register websites domain name and then to
make your website public.


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To protect itself against potential attacks
I have added mysqli_error(); code to prevent attackers if usable data would be
shown. If I would write the error code and the guest details would be stored
incorrectly, the attacker could get their details accidently and the attacker
would have guest personal information name, surname, email address.

Also, I added code ‘ISITSAFETORUN’ so the web app would only
run the pate only if it is safe.

The security of programs and the network is
becoming more and more relevant as more people are enjoying. Devices are
connected to the World Wide Web. In addition, because often the network access
does not require direct human intervention , automatic attacks are getting much
easier. Attacks can be very different, one due to certain security errors, as
unchecked by the user input data. Other attacks are due to failure to comply
with the best practices, when certain actions are not correctly identified ar
even sensitive information can be revealed like credit card numbers and others.

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Also, for a more secure web app should never use a
string of data from the user like user=newmember because with the script
newmember attacker may get a table with all new members, so guest details could
be hacked. 


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