Professional Values and Ethics


Values are set of fundamental believes by which we choose what is right and what is wrong. They give priority on what is important. Values are very important to an individual when it comes to decision making and also the path of life one takes. Every person has a set of values which touches on the way one defines life.

On the other hand, ethics are more formalized set of rules that regulate the manner of acting or rather the behavior of an individual or professionals (Hartmann, 2004). Ethical determinations are based on some code of conduct. Ethics is therefore defined by the code of conduct. Ethics develops typical social behavior defining certain activities. Therefore, it can be argued that ethics are set to protect individuals or society.

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Sources of professional values and ethics

There are quite a number of sources of professional values and ethics. Some of these sources are discussed below. Business leaders are major source of professional values and ethics. Since they are the head of the business, they should lead by example and motivate the employees (Peterson’s, 2005).

A leader with high professional ethical standards tends to have a positive impact on the employees’ values and ethics altogether. However, this is not always true as some cases of unethical behavior in business leaders have been reported. Therefore, it is important for a leader to be ethical so that he or she can set a good trend for the employees to follow.

Professional integrity is also another source of professional values and ethics. Integrity defines professionalism. An organization comes up with a set of rules which governs professions, hence maintaining ethics. By doing this, an organization ensures that high standards of morals are kept, for instance, the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors or Code of Chivalry by knights.

Your own experience is a source of professional values and ethics (Peterson’s, 2005). One’s experience can have a great impact on their values. In fact, in most cases one chooses the path he or she takes depending on the experience one undergoes in life. For example, if an employer treats his/her employees with respect, one will tend to have a positive outlook toward him or her. This will help develop good professional values.

Parents and early childhood mentors are also another source of professional values and ethics (Hartmann, 2004). Parents have a great influence on how one behaves. They pass on values to their children hence influencing their behavior. These sets of values acquired from parents will in turn affect the personal relationship one has. Further, childhood mentors define one’s values.

These are the people one admires and emulates, hence acquiring some sets of believes from them. These believe or values tend to affect one’s moral position in the society, or in an organization.

Influence of professional values and ethics on career success

Although people may have different values, ethics are there to keep check. Professional values and ethics are associated with making the right choices in a career.

These in turn is associated with living ones dream (Hartmann, 2004). Professional values and ethics are also associated with peaceful coexistence among co-workers and also between them and their employers. This peaceful coexistence provides a conducive working condition, hence an increased productivity. When professional values and ethics are achieved, more goals become achieved.


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