Produce great amounts of energy

Nuclear technology is something that scientists consider an essential type of research in the field of future science. From the time since Marie Currie had found the radioactive material, radium, the technology in this field drastically increased. During World War 2, the solution to end Japan’s tenacious resist of giving up was the atomic bomb that Albert Einstein had invented. This bomb included high processed (back then) nuclear technology. But in the current world we live in, North Korea has been constantly threatening South Korea with its developed Nuclear Technology. Nuclear technology may be a useful substance that can produce great amounts of energy, but if used by the wrong hands, it may be a deadly weapon. But even though the technology may be deadly, it is essential for current science.

21st century North Korea, after making the truce at 1953 with South Korea, has been using most of its money on improving its military powers which includes nuclear technology. According to official North Korea media, about 15.8% of the state budget has been used every year for the military. North Korea is known to carry fissile material for up to 10 nuclear missiles that can be deployed on intermediate range locations. It may not be a problem if North Korea kept these warheads for self-defense, but it is a problem when they threaten other countries with this technology. For an example, North Korea today has indirectly threatened South Korea for a yet, unknown reason with its military forces.

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South Korea has been trying to compromise with North Korea about this issue, but is causing many governmental and social problems. “If these threats continue to carry on, there is a possibility of having a 3rd World War” said a Korean politician. Specialists in this area have predicted that North Korea is causing these threats because of economic issues, having not enough money to be able to feed the country. America which has sided with South Korea, are also having issues with China, due to their alliance with North Korea. If these threats containing nuclear technology continue to increase, there will be more and more conflict between countries and will eventually take us away from a global world.

On the other hand, there are positive sides of nuclear technology when used by the right hands. First of all, humans need a lot of energy to survive. We consume energy for light, heat, transport, food… almost anything we can think of. Even thinking requires energy! The problem is, the main source of our energy stream being fossils, it pollutes the earth. The biggest problem in the environment we currently have is global warming. But there is a solution to this problem, nuclear energy. Again, when it is used properly it is an excellent energy source which leaves almost no pollutant behind.

An economist said “Nuclear power offers the possibility of large quantities of electricity that is cleaner than coal, more secure than gas and more reliable than wind. And if cars switch from oil to electricity, the demand for power generated from carbon-free sources will increase still further. The industry’s image is thus turning from black to green.” Many advanced countries such as America, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany etc. have been using this technology to produce large amounts of clean energy which are to be used for a good purpose.

“The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking…the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.” said Albert Einstein. Atomic technology has changed everything that we used to dream of into reality. But the quote “the game depends on the heart of mankind,” directly targets the people that use this technology. We must be cautious how we think about technology and how we use it. When this happens, the world will be one step closer to the edge of becoming a true global nation. Conclusion:

Even when we take into consideration the uncertainty for the period, having an uncertainty for gravity being over 4 ms^-2 is certainly not correct. Despite having paid utmost attention to the experiment’s accuracy by, for example, using 10 loops instead of 1 to find the period, or having 3 trials, and averaging the results, gravity was still not close enough to approximate that the formula for centripetal force is proven using this experiment. However, there are some changes that could have changed the outcome.

Firstly, there are some errors which could be fixed. While spinning the rubber bung, I was counting the times it flew past my eyes, this may have caused subjectiveness, or could have just trusted my judgement too much. This could have been fixed by adding another person to count the rotations. This same problem was caused while timing the results. While the times for the seperate trials were deceptively constant, the actual result as not as precise as it should have been, but rather, very far off. This could be remedied not only by having 3 trials for each mass(which we did), but having another timer as well. It could have made our results more correct, which could have been flawed by the same person making the same mistake.

Finally, I feel that this experiment was made on too small of a scale to be accurate. While uncertainties of the experiment will be larger on a larger scale, they will be smaller in proportion than the uncertainties of the small experiments. I think this could be remedied by having a 250 gram rubber bung (or similar object), and a length “l” of at least 50 cm… perhaps even 1 meter. Also, the bottom mass, “M” should be larger: from 500 grams to a kilogram. While we would only have 1 group rather than 2, doing this would probably help be more precise because experiments done a larger scale are more precise (one of their characteristics.


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