Phosphatesare derived from sodium triphosphate so phosphate toxicity is related to thissynthetic stabilizer. Common causes of phosphate toxicity in humans include tumourlysis syndrome, impaired renal function and rhabdomyolysis.

If consumption oftriphosphates is too high, it is a serious problem because it will lead to phosphatetoxicity. Although the lethal dose of phosphate in humans is unknown, reserachersreported that the lethal dose of phosphate in pigs was 35 mmol/kg of bodyweight arccoding to an animal study of US National Library of Medicine NationalInstitutes of Health. Additionally, mice, which is 15 weeks old, willimmediately die if they are injected 140–160 mg/l of phosphate serum level.

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Overall, some human and animal studies from reliable organizations have confirmedthe side effects of phosphate in speeding up several pathologies such as vascularcalcification, tumor formation and aging. Acute toxicity of phosphate can makehypocalcaemia seriously and related symptoms including tachycardia, tetany andhypotension. Another toxicity of phosphate is moderate toxicity that takes moretime to occur and show the symtomps. The influences of this toxicity to body isthe crystallization of calcium phosphate in several tissues including fatalcardiovascular calcification. This precipitation of calcium phosphate due tophosphate toxicity is often not an reversible process.

Although acute phosphatetoxicity is relatively rare without pre-existing gastrointestinal or renaldiseases, the harmful effects of chronic ingestion of unrestricted amounts ofphosphate in individuals is not clear and needs to be studied deeply.Particularly, the effects of chronic unrestricted ingestion of high phosphate,which containing in processed foods and soft drinks, on functionality ofvarious organ systems require careful analysis. Finally, Since phosphateimbalance can make serious debilitating complications, consumers shouldcarefully adjust the phosphate input from the diet that may be importantfor  longevity and healthy life.


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