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            Many people have viewed children growing up in a single
parent family for many years as different. 
Currently, being raised up by a single parent seems impossible for many
people yet in some ten years ago, it was more prevalent. It is worth noting
that many children in the current society have grown to become very stable
emotionally, socially and financially without one or two parents to lead them
through the rocky path of life. The question or the main issue is rested on the
difference that exists between those children who are raised by both mother and
father versus those children raised by either mother or a father. Is it
necessary for a kid to be raised up by both parents? Does a small girl or boy
need a father or a mother figure around to succeed in life? Should the single
parents be given a hand of support by the government? With a lot of speculation
on the air around the globe, this topic has become one of the fascinating
topics around the globe. What needs to be known is that proper upbringing of a
child relies less on the structure of their family, rather, it is more
dependent on the kind of values and the process the child has passed through as
they grow up. The children who happen to be raised by single parents have the
potential of progressing in life both emotionally, behaviorally and socially
just like those children raised in families where both parents exist.


            Many have claimed that children can only gain proper
behavior emotionally and socially when both parents raise them. This may not be
true since this is an issue where there are two variables concerned. It means
that it would be misjudgments if these problems are linked to only having a
single parent. In his article, Thuen
et al., (2015) state confidently that there is a high chance of
children raised by single parents family developing behavior issues because
some of them lack economic stability and security. The author also mentions that
such children often lack adequate time with their parent and hence may get
influence from peer groups and much more. Also, many have claimed that many raw
criminals are products of single parents’ adolescence. This statement does not
reflect reality. One thing this author needs to get right is that it is not a
simple task to bring up a child when one is a single parent. There are a lot of
challenges which the single parents face in the process. The single parents
have no option but to work full time so that they bring food to the table for
the family. These parents also must spare their little time to ensure that
their children emotions are developed, and thus, they still have to get time to
spend with their children to ensure that they stable up emotionally and
socially. Though this seems almost impossible, it is possible, and it can be
done. There are numerous work-life balance programs which allow these parents
time to comfort their children. Also, many people have managed this, and thus
it means any person with a willing heart can manage it.

            It is time for many people realize that single-parent
family in the current society is becoming very common. The statistic has it
that since the year 1995, the American family structure housing the children
between the age of fourteen to eighteen has been shown to consist of 42% living
with both mother and father in first marriage, 22% have been shown to live in a
second marriage with either a step mother or stepfather and 21% have been
confirmed to be living with a single parent either divorced mother or father (Hetherington, 2014).  Further, the statistics reveal that 5% of the
same children live in a single family where their parents never entered in any
marriage relationship while 2% of the same children live in single families
where either the father or the mother happened to have passed away (Hetherington, 2014). It
there means that nearly 56% of the children live in a single parent’s family.
This is a chilling figure since what it means is that most people get children
without actually deciding whether or not they will be in a marriage
relationship. It also shows that the single parent family trend is increasing
as years rolls on. What seems unfortunate is that most of these single parents
shy off from performing the vital role of having their children brought up
correctly. The fact is that the percentage of the single parents who thinks
that taking good care of their children and providing them with emotional
support is a hard task would have thought of that before giving birth to these
kids. It is right to states that on some occasion accidental pregnancies do
occur. However, this cannot be used as justification for not giving the
children the best by single parents. Adults know what they want when they are planning
to have a kid. It is very simple; if one is not ready to have a kid, then they
should refrain from having one. If one decided to have the child, they love
their children, and whether single or double, they have the capability of
giving their children the best just like others. There are many ways of
ensuring that the beloved child is well taken care of and if one is seriously a
good parent with good intention for their kids, finding these ways cannot
hinder them from giving the children a better life.

also states that those children especially boys without their fathers or girls
without their mothers as role models as they grow up tend to suffer. It is
undeniable that the presence of a father in a family is very critical for a boy
child. However, it is also very important to note that there are many ways
which mothers can exploit to teach their boy child how to become a good man.
From experience, I know that the author impression is wrong. I have a good
friend who never had his father while growing up and according to him, he had
many role models such as Michael Jackson, Former president Barrack Obama and
many others and he has strived to emulate the roles of these individuals. Also,
he had his grandfather who was always there for him and was ready to guide him
as he blossom into a good and well behaved young man. According to him, anytime
his mother was out doing the daily economic activity to support the family, the
grandfather was there giving them the morality side of life. This gave him a
good life, he grew up, and it can be said that he has become a young talented
and ambitious gentleman. Though at some time he claims that being brought up in
a single parents family is a challenge, he also admits that it is possible as
long as the parents have the heart to do it, and there is little support from
the extended family. This is an indication that it is possible to have a child
brought up and become even better than those children brought up by both
parents. What the single parents require as they progressed with their
difficult life is support from someone close to them who can remain with the
child and teach him or her best behaviors.

            It is also naïve not to recognize the numerous advantages
that the children born and raised by both parents have over those who are born
and raised by single parent family. The children brought up by both fathers and
mothers have higher chances of behaving well and becoming even better
individuals than their counterparts. They have their mother and father to act
as their role model in life. The parents are always valuable to help them solve
any social, emotional and economic challenge they get in life and this helps
them in shaping up well (Gladstone
et al., 2015). However, it is also worthy to note that
this statement may not be true in all circumstances. Many children still have
issues and end up in the street as beggars and other street urchins, yet they
were born and brought up by both parents. Also, many criminals are children who
were born and raised by both their mothers and fathers. Since they were not
given proper direction in life to follow, they end up going their way and
parents do less to help them in life. It is very paramount for the critics to
note that as a child grows up, she or he emulates or he or she walks in the
footsteps of those who are taking care of him or her. This happens to all
children whether single parent’s family raises the child or not. It means that
the values which the person who is taking care of such children will instill
into them are the values such children will master in their life. It is
possible that a child who is brought up by a drunkard parents even if both of
them are presents, may not behave better than a child who happens to be brought
up by a single hard working parent. 


            In conclusion, it is very important to note that not
every child will find himself or herself in a full family where she or he
enjoys the presence of both parents. Also, there are those children who will
find themselves growing up and enjoying the presence of both parents. However,
this difference should not be used as a justification of difference in behavior
between these children. The family structure should not be a laughing stock in
the society for these children, and neither should it be a tag on their
shoulders. The government should have programs to assist these children and
their single mothers or fathers and guide them in the best manner possible so
that they too have an opportunity to give their children the best guidance
emotionally, socially and financially. Whether it is a single father or mother,
they all need guidance to help their young one grow to become people in life.
What should be noted is that it is not whoever has raised the child that
determine his or her behavior socially, emotionally and psychologically, it is
the kind of values and moral principles instilled in such a kid that make him
or her strength in life.





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