E-tailing the commercial industry as the goods

E-tailing is the use of an electronic medium like the internet to sell retail goods and services. This method has improved the commercial industry as the goods are sold at minimal costs because the channels involved in the marketing process are minimized. Its growth has fastened the shopping and personalization behavior of the consumers.

This form of shopping has influenced the behavior of the consumers, the organization and that of the advertising market target. The consumer behavior is the reaction and adoption of electronic retailing by the buyers. It is influenced by the quality of the products, the advertising means, the prices and the products diversity. The mode of communication to the consumers is the internet as it enables the buyers compare and contrasts the various items. Websites are designed to meet the needs of the customers and market the products. The websites are a very important tool for e-commerce.

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This is because, the customers do not have to walk while doing their shopping but, they shop at a place of their convenience. The costs are reduced and they are able to choose from the variety of the items advertised. There is increased flexibility and the consumers are empowered because the shopping process is made easy for them. The communication process involved in the web designing process is made in such a way that the final product reaching the consumer is desirable.

A web page is designed with the contents that the firms intend to sell to their customers. They incorporate all the details of the product that the buyer is interested in like the price, quality and the durability. They also include the image of the product, other related products, the category list and the product reviews. The product description and the pricing will determine the immediate response of the buyer. The payment methods should also be included and how the product will be delivered to the buyer. When all this information is included in the marketing and selling websites, the customer can be able to purchase the product with ease.

The organizational behavior and structure is affected by the adoption of e-tailing. The adoption of retailing over the internet, affects the organizational structure since the idea is perceived differently. Many workers may oppose the idea because it reduces the costs of the company meaning that people are at a risk of loosing their jobs. The behavior of the organization towards the e-tailing could be communicated using the internet mailing. This is the selling of messages with an aim of passing an idea from the buyers to the sellers and vice versa (March, 2004, p.

4). The company might pass the marketing and selling information either directly or using the existing hierarchies. The communication process involves the composition of the intended information by the marketing department.

The products being marketed or sold are described and their images are also portrayed. This circulates to the departments involved so that they can make the necessary amendments to ensure that the final product is attractive to the customers. The organization considers that it is competing with other firms producing the same products and thus, they try to come up with a unique and a very attractive strategy.

This is because the message they pass to their customers will determine their buying behavior. The information may then be placed on the company’s web page and a description of how to contact them incase of any enquires. E-tailing changes the behavior of an organization because it interferes with the hierarchical structures. For those who manage to catch the attention of their customers through well designed web pages with clear explanations, they are able to improve their marketing, advertising and selling methods.

This will make them realize increased sales and profits. The advertising market is also affected by the adoption of e-tailing. Those people who are engaged in sales are affected because their work is reduced and this limits their sources of income. The web marketing is different from traditional marketing and the advertising industry may decide either to incorporate the traditional methods with the modern designs or to start a new market with new designs.

The advertisers may not want to do away with their sales people and they may choose to use them and the webs as marketing channels. People could be used to advertise the online purchases while other may chose to use the media. The communication channels in the advertising market could be designed in a way that the involved organization desires.

The information concerning the products being marketed is designed in a way that the buyers will understand. They are designed in a way that they attract both the traditional and the modern markets and to meet the needs of all the groups regardless of their background, race, color or nationality. The contacts of the salespersons are then included in the webpage so that interested customers may contact them. These people are the best to use when selling the goods even over the internet because they have adequate marketing skills. The marketing environment is also critical because the buyers will not want a very noisy environment and this may put them off making them seek to purchase from other firms. The people in the marketing department should be available to receive the enquiries of the customers at all times, meaning that this is a market, which should work around the clock. The communication channel is very important to the advertising market in the adoption and implementation of e-tailing because, it is the market which determines the success of this method of advertising and selling (Ancher, 2002, par. 6-7).

E-tailing has become a very useful mode of buying and selling in our society. With the use of the internet, we have been able to develop a market where the needs of the customers are put first. We have taken the products to our buyers making it very convenient for them to shop and we have offered them a great flexibility in their shopping patterns. Since already everyone can access the internet, we need to utilize this resource so that we can improve our buying and selling methods. It is a great opportunity because the firms are giving the buyers a chance to air their views on any modifications on the products.

The buyers are in a position to bargain while still in their houses. This is for all of us, we should use these opportunities and we should take our time to visit these websites so that we can discover the variety of products offered to us. The firms should take this as a chance to cut down their cut down their expenses and the costs associated with the use of middle men. It is also a great boost to the advertising industry since they have gone international and they attract and sell to customers from all over the world. Who would have thought that shopping could become so easy?

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