People to stop the flooding of Lake

     People of Society nowadays are too focused on themselves and not care about everything that is going on around them as long as it does not affect them on a personal level and promotes selfishness. With that in mind ,I find that Green politics is perfect to set society straight .

 Green politics is a political ideology that its motive is to create an ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, nonviolence, social justice and grassroots democracy. Founded on ecological principles and led by visionary biologist Dr Richard Jones,Green Politics began in Tasmania as the world’s first Green party, which is called the United Tasmania Group (UTG for short ), it was formed at a meeting in the Hobart Town Hall on 23 March 1972, following the unsuccessful campaign to stop the flooding of Lake Pedder.   First and foremost, to elaborate more on environmentalism. Environmentalism is a political and ethical movement that seeks to create a sustainable society and protect the quality of the natural environment through changes of environmentally harmful human activities, through adoption in the form of political, economic, and social organization that are thought to be necessary for, or at least to promote the gentle and kindtreatment of the environment by humans. In various ways, environmentalism claims that living things other than humans, and the natural environment as a whole, are deserving of consideration in reasoning about the morality of political, economic, and social policies. The crux to the whole thing is to not divorce the economic system and human values from the health of a planet.    Secondly, to elaborate more on Nonviolence.

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Nonviolence is the personal practice of being harmless to self and others under every condition. It comes from the belief that hurting people, animals or the environment is unnecessary to achieve an outcome and refers to a general philosophy of not choosing to use violence to resolve things easier .Besides that, the practice also promotes that leaders as well as citizens should be treated equally so that everyone is given the same benefits and fairness. For example ,Death sentence should not be subjected towards criminals and should be replaced with the creation of ‘HAPPY PRISON ‘ ,this is so that every criminal is given a chance to repent for their crimes without the use of violence and instead given a chance to fit into society through basic information needed to function in the real world after their time in prison.     Other than that , to elaborate more on Social justice . Social justice is a political and philosophical concept which holds that all people should have equal access to wealth, health, wellbeing, justice and opportunity.

 Practices that are related are Eco Feminism , Good taxation law and labour law , advocating justice to immigrants .The main motive of eco feminism is to eradicate all forms of social injustice, not just injustice against women and the environment and focus on intersectional questions, such as how the nature-culture split enables the oppression of female and nonhuman bodies. It is also an activist and academic movement that sees critical connections between the exploitation of nature and the domination over women both caused by men. On the other hand , Good taxation law is to be implemented so that every citizen regardless of social status is given the same amount of tax needed to be given without giving special treatment to citizen with high status ,such as government employees and successful business man .A good labour law is also needed so that worker is getting at least minimum wage of a certain country , living wage so that living wage is higher than the minimum wage and is designed that a full-time worker would be able to support themselves, hours of work are not exceeded set by the country , health and safety of worker are concerned , no discrimination against workers and to prevent child labour under a certain age .     Lastly , to elaborate more on grassroots democracy .

Politics is far too important to trust to professional politicians. The Greens believe in a popular politics where people participate directly in making the decisions that affect their lives and do not leave these decisions to a professional representative elite. Professional political elites inevitably put their own interests ahead of the public interest. The Greens stand for a new politics of Grassroots Democracy, where the elitist structures of representation today are not given zero corruption and is given total transparency in the government to the public. When openly expressing ones opinion on the government ,its not uncommon to see them getting taken away by the authorities ,but the ones expressing themselves is not at fault as expressing is a human right and it cannot be taken away and most importantly considered illegal.

 Thus ,strict laws against those who goes against human rights need to be enforced . the movement is to engage in transparency in the government and to promote zero corruption within the government .      In conclusion , green politics bring more pros than cons as it is to peacefully overgrow governments, the corporate state,ruling ideologies in a peaceful manner and practice tenderness in relations with others; in caring for ideas, art, language, and culture; and in cherishing and protecting the Earth. Society should follow their philosophy so that a better future is ensured .


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