PART1: time it will match my graduation project


basically after revising and reviewing all the available opportunities I picked
to make my graduation project on a restaurant POS due to several reasons which
some of them falls on developing technology, humanity and it’s helpful in the
national economic aspects as well.I will be explaining briefly these reasons
and how it could support these sections in the following paragraph.

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to the development of life and the speed age, people generally tend to use
their time effectively and efficiently so they try to use the minimum amount of
time to do maximum work which can be done. and thus why IT and MIS departments
are required to develop software which can match these needs, In my research, I
try to develop a software which can be simple as possible and can do all tasks
which are required inside most of the restaurants such as point of sale, their
overview, registration of new items or meals, as well I have added a gallery
and plan to a real restaurant which is in my religion and its called THE
SICILIAN, during the research time I spent effort on understanding thier
requriemnts and future needs.

picked this specific restaurant because I knew his manager, and he was
struggling to make the check bills, he was asking his customers what have you
order so he needs either to trust his customers or memorize what did they have
ordered, and it felt uncomfortable for both parties which are the management of
the restaurant and the customers. as well he was changing his staff crew so
often due to trust issue I thought why I don’t use what I have
learned in my department to help him and it could help him and count for me as
humanity volunteering and at the same time it will match my graduation project
course requirement, so I have started to implement my research, I have research
as well how to make this project help the economic aspects, and it was great
idea because it can solve these following issues for any restaurant manager who
does not have a POS system which could be a decrease in the outcome and the
revenue or issues like customers can deny ordering and  paying for a specific meal.



is a huge collection of restaurants POS systems and they vary from one to
another most of them focus on making as much as possible tasks but after I did
my own research I found that they are way more complicated for end users which
will be the staff of the restaurant and I have read articles which states the
over 68% of the restaurant staff around the world is uneducated so due to this
fact the using of such a complex POS is going to make difficulties for them or
at least it won’t be as easy as it should be. due to several reasons which are
time-consuming, and costly as in my own project, I tried to simplify the
normal POS and create my own as modern and simple as it could it can be
easier to be introduced or explained briefly to uneducated staff or simply easy
to use for all different ages and of the issues in resturnts POS
which was not solved is Lack of flexibility too much of  old POS systems are rooted to the specific
locations, which lead to front of house staff has limited flexibility when it
comes to placing a meals orders from a customer, making amendments or checking
the  payments. For example, many old POS
systems don’t double-up as a credit card restaurant POS do, which means that
you have to differentiate or buy an extra credit card machine. This is not a
big issue, but they can also lose the internet connection signals and/or get broken,
which can lead to causing suffering for the staff when they are dealing with
the credit card payment such as MasterCard or visa, and your customer will be
either sitting in restaurant doesn’t have clue what to waste time or yelling at
you and your restaurant services.



this part of the introduction, I am supposed to talk about the aims and goals
of my graduation project and what was the new methods or solutions added to the
new updated restaurant pos version of basically I have implemented the
merge of master card usage to the old normal restaurant POS system. which can
lead to a decrease of time in two different criteria which is: the first is to
save time for the credit card machine. so instead of reviewing the normal bank
statement of the credit card machine, with this new updated version you can
view your records from the POS system itself, so in this case you don’t have to
spend time to go to the bank or ask for statements,you can review your own
records from the POS as it sounds quick and easy.The second improvement added
to this project is the simplification of it, because I found that a lot of the
usual POS systems focus on making more tasks as it possible and they don’t focus
on making it simplified I tried to make my own version special in this field
which can be so handful for saving time and cost,simply because due to the fact
the there is huge amount of the resturant staff is not well educated and they
well find it challenging and diffcult as well to use such a complex system as
well it could save money because most of the companys spent their money and
effort to give classes or paying extra credits to the traniees to teach the
staff using the pos system and for time-saving aspects it can save time by its
easy and modern outlook which not hard to use and it provieds quick acces to
the end-user in the same time which can save him time.


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