Parallels allows users to use windows on their

Parallels  Desktop 12

Parallel Desktop is an awesome software ever created to give
users an access to create machine which is virtual that allows to use Windows Operating  System 
on Mac devices. This program comes with different editions of windows
and this program also uses for installation on many different devices like
Linux, Android and OS Chrome. By having this program on you Mac device you will
get unlimited features and abilities to use, it basically provides
virtualization of hardware for all type of Mac devices having intel processor
inside. Parallel Desktop 12 is powerful software that gives you the access to
create your own virtual machine. You can use any app that is designed for
Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.  This
program is specially designed for Apple users. You can create your Mac so that
your Mac device is able to use unlimited features and make a system that can
play exclusive games of windows and run other programs on Mac operating system.
You can easily shut down your whole computer just by selecting sleep or
hibernate option. 

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Parallels Desktop 12 simply allows users  to use windows on their Mac Devices. On an Apple
device it becomes easy to use windows program. While working on some projects
we can use graphics application limitless and effortless. We can connect  droplet file from PC to Mac. The awesome
features of Mac doubles with all the functions of windows.  The use of this program is very simple and
easy. After sometime new edition of Parallel released that is totally new and
latest for virtual computer’s desktop and also for Mac. New functions and
features comes with every latest version of this software.


Parallel Desktop 12 brings virtualization emulation for Mac
computers utilize the intel architecture of Apple. This program uses technology
that is much more hypervisor it directs the sources of computer,s hardware to
virtual resources of machine. Each one of the virtual machine hence works like
a standalone computer, including all resources of physical computers because
all machines uses similar hardware drivers with respect to the current hardware
that is on the host’s computer. Between all computers these virtual machines
instance is extremely portable. Such as, working machine can be restarted,
stopped and can be copy to another physical computer.

Parallel Desktop 12 can easily virtualized a computer

Similar types of system as the physical
processor of the host.

Compliance system (ACPI).

Compatible with the Intel i965 chipset (Generic

For guest virtual machines 64 GB RAM is

 2 GB
video RAM (VRAM)

VGA, SVGA (3.0  and Opengl) and Directx (10.1)

1.44 MB Floppy drive. (Minimum)
Up to four IDE devices can be supported at a single
time. Including hard drive which is virtual having size range from 20 MB
to 2 TB (CD/DVD-ROM).
Supported sound card AC’97.



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