p.p1 were devoted to the principles of democracy,

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Yalta conference February 4th 1945 

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The soviet union was create in 1917, it was the worlds fist communist state. This communist state was very committed in the theory of overthrowing global capitalism. The dictator of this Country, Stalin controlled his country be using secret police, these police arrested millions of civilians for going against Stalin’s regime. Churchill and Rosevelt on the other hand were devoted to the principles of democracy, individual freedom, and a capitalist free-market economy.
During the month of February 1945, the U.S. president mr, Franklin D. Roosrvelt, prime minister Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, dictator of the soviet union, met at the city of Yalta. These three men where known as the big three, they were allies against the nazis and were very close to winning.
During the Yalta meeting the ”  big three ” The leaders agreed that with the defeat of Germany they would divide it into sectors. Stalin had also agreed that shall Germany will be defeated he will join into the war against Japan. Stalin also swore to hold a democratic election in Poland which was liberated from Germany control the the victory of the soviet army. Staline did not intend to keep this promise.
The U.S. , the leaders of Britain and, the soviet union met at Potsdam on the following July they defeated Germany in Germany and Roosevelt had passed away, he was then replaced by Harry S. Truman. Churchill was also replaced by Clement Attlee after losing the general election for prime minister.


Truman Doctrine Proclaimed March 12th 1947

On March 12th, 1947 the president of the U.S., Harry S. Truman created a a policy to a ” joint session of congress”. Announcing that the U.S. had been helping the governments of Turkey and Greece. The president committed his country Communism all-around the world, this action did not allow any other new communist governments around the perimeter to come to power, this outside area was controlled by the Soviet Union by the end of the World War 2. This became known by all as the Truman Doctrine.
The United States government stood at a new stance Looking back and chaining their view on the soviets. Truman and his advisors had been convicted by the fact that Staline was expanding Soviet control over an area that was much wider through the militaries aggression or even by promoting Communist seizure of power through guerrilla warfare tactics, guerrilla war tactics are used when ambushing and, even the. Using hit and run tactics.
90 days after Truman’s statement, the United States secretary of state, George Marshall, proposed a tremendous amount of financial aid in order to rebuild Europe. The Marshal Plan was based off of the calculations that the economic recovery would act as a repellent to draw Europeans away from Communism and, make Western Europe stronger so they can resist Soviet Expansionism. This type of help was proposed to Stalin but the offer was turned down. Once the Western European communist parties, under the orders of Stalin, rejected the acceptance of the Marshall aid, their chances with electronic success was slumped.


Soviets Impose Berlin Blockade June 24th 1948
At the end of WW2 and, once Germany had been defeated, they were split into four different zones. Each of these zones were occupied by the U.S. forces, British, French, and the Soviet forces, each ran their own sector of each city.

The war time allies were supposed to cooperated with each other durning running the time of running Germany through a joint allied Control Council but, they were not able to reach an agreement on the future of Germany. By the month of March 1948, the Britain, U.S., and France were planning make the German government a Democratic government in the three zones they controlled. The only government that was angered by this was the Soviet Union, they left the allied control council.

The U.S. and, Britain wanted to supply over 2.5 million people with food. They did this by air craft which costed them the lives of 54 airmen’s lives. But they succeeded in keeping West Berlin Supplied through a rough winter. By the end of spring the Soviet Union was forced to accept defeat and remove the blockade.

Communists Take Power in China October 1st 1949

The civil war between the “Nationalist government of China “, was run by Chiang Kai-shekk, and The Chinese Communist guerrillas, which was laid by Mao Zedong, It began in the year 1937, the Communist and Nationalists created an alliance against Invaders. After the Japanese defeat by the allies in August 1945, the civil war in China resumed.

The government who occupied Manchuria in the northern area of China near the end of WW2, The Soviet Union, helped the Chinese Communists make a much stronger position there. Staline on the other hand did not encourage Mao to try and take the power in China, instead, he suggested to reach to an agreement with Chain Kai-shek. While the U.S. supplied the Nationalists arms and money, they tried to push the two sides into making a “compromise agreement”. A cease arrangement by the Americans soon broke down in January 1946, and the scale of fighting continued to grow.


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