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“Wow, you’re so good at this!”, ”
Pre, paturo naman dyan. Alam kong madami kang alam na technique para
bumilis”. Heh, those were just the phrases I get every time I show
my rubiks cube to my friends and do a 10/12-second solve. I’m still
surprise how people get so amazed just by watching someone solve on
of this. Here’s the history of how did I end with this skill and
how did I possible learn to solve just one of many different kinds of
puzzles out there. It was during 7th grade that I was first
introduced to this toy. Back then I used to call it a toy, because I
can still remember when I was a kid every time we went to buy meat
and vegetables in the palengke we would pass along a group of carts
that were selling sifferent kinds of toys for young children whilst
the rubiks cube (if there was any) would be highlighted from all the
background and catch my attention. Our school had it’s annual Math
fair event where students compete with each other from various grade
levels in different competitions. One of my classmates, Nagin,was our
prime solver because he was too damn good at this. We even won first
place in the event that I said earlier, and he was able to inspire
and motivate some of my classmates to try it as well. As this toy
spread through our class and the school faster than I could spell
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I became interested in this toy
and was fascinated by the complex way of solving it. During the night
of the same date, I quickly browsed the internet on how to solve this
thing using beginners method. Lucky for me, I found a website that
fully shows you how to solve on of this in a step by step process and
by tomorrow I was able to solve a rubiks cube on my own, but my time
was around 10 minutes or higher. My interest sparked ever since,
opening me up to buy better and qualitative rubiks cube that seemed
fit for my fingers and speed. After a week of addictive practicing, I
challenged two of the top best solvers of our class, Nagin and Revyn.
We had a mini competition where the three of us solve a rubiks cube
as fast as we can. Nagin, being the supreme solver among us,agreed to
be handicapped and only use one hand while Revyn and me are allowed
to use both of our hands. Somehow I was in par with the both of them
in terms of speed, but I lost to them after 20 or 30 solves because
of my endurance. This was the stepping stone of my attention to this
game, and since then I continued to solve this toy called Rubiks
cube. A year has passed and I finally decided to show Nagin what I’ve
been doing since we’ve last have match. From my staggering one (1)
minute solve, my time lowered down by more than half and my personal
record best was 24.08 seconds. Nagin, surprised how great my
improvements took me, was challenged by the very person who he
thought won’t be able to reach his point in the pyramid and
persevered to maintain his rank as the best speed solver (someone who
solves a rbuiks cube hastily). That was the start of our duel for the
top, also I forgot to mention that I had another classmate named
Zen’r who joined the duel as well, making it a royal combat battle
instead of a duel. We’ve beaten people competition by competition,
we also had losses but the wins weighed over the losr because of our
eternal passion and commitment to ourselves and making our times
shorter and faster. Fast-forward after 2 years, Nagin and I are now
competing for the Philippine Championships 2016 for the final round
of the main event, which was a 3x3x3 category. I didn’t expect that
I would reach this point of my life just because of that one accident
night that I chose to learn about it. This was a truly remarkable toy
for me, for it’s benefits it brought me friends, people and
organizations that were beyond my control. Rubiks cube speed solving
truely changed my course of life, and I’m proud to live this life.

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