Overpopulation by the reason of lack of durable

Overpopulation in the state of Bihar, India has been challenging the well- being of the citizens. One of the challenges they face is the issue of poverty. How poverty looks different in India compared to other countries. Many people in India live below the poverty line, and it is especially true to those living in Bihar. Bihar is known to be the 3rd most populous state in India. It is a home to more than 100 million people, 36 million of whom are poor, “World Bank Document” (p.1). ¬†With the population consisting of 36 million people who are poor, it was said to be that 1 in 3 people living there lives below the poverty line. This is no surprise as Bihar is one of the most impoverished states. At least 33% of the population is known to be living below the national poverty line. In the currency of India that would range from 368-558 rupees (around $6-$9) per month “Mission India.” Poverty can affect many aspects of human living conditions. The people living in poverty or even below the level of poverty suffer because they are not able to get proper nutrition and basic needs. Those who do not have access to basic needs and proper living conditions like the citizens in Bihar may end up in slums. Slums are characterized as an area where dwellings are unfit for human habitation by the reason of lack of durable housing, insufficient living area, lack of access to clean water, inadequate sanitation and insecure tenure “Times of India” (Sethi). There are have been 12,37,682 recognized slums in the state of Bihar in 2011 “Census India.” The population growth outruns the rate of which these rural areas should respond to the needs of housing. The slums in Bihar are going out of control as the response to the needs of housing is not properly managed. They are very unsanitary and children who are born there play around garbage where they can transmit diseases. Poor income families are evicted by force and pushed to the edge of cities to unplanned and poorly serviced areas as the world urbanize causing some families to live in slums “Habitat for Humanity.” Poverty is not a small problem that should be glanced over at or ignored. No matter how it is described and defined, the issue of poverty is something that requires everyone’s attention.


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