Over in order minimize theemitting of carbon dioxide,

Over these past few years, technology is rapid development. Electronic textbook becomes a hotissue. Many people have a different view of this issue. The electronic textbook is the onlinebook which can download and buy from the internet thought using the electronic products suchas iPad, kindle. It is believed that electronic textbook can improve students attitude and beenvironmentally friendly. However, electronic textbook still exists the disadvantage.

Studentsalways face the screen regularly. In the long term, it will affect their psychological health. Theessay will mainly analysis on this aspect.The electronic textbook is good for the education purpose.

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The electronic textbook can help forpreparing the teaching material as they can be searching and collecting the online resourceseasier (Embong, 2012). Also, using the electronic textbook to study can prevent the problem ofinformation outdated (Noor, 2012). Moreover, students can download the books onlineaccording to their interest instead of purchasing the books from the shop (John, 2016).

Therefore, students can improve their motivation in studying thought the information cancollect and contact easily. For instance, students can use hypertext links, bookmarks,annotations, highlights, multimedia objects and interactive tools to study efficiently (Oliveira,2014). So, students can use the electronic textbook to do the revision more effectively.

Such asquickly finding out the exercise in hypertext links and using annotations to check the dictionaryand remember the meanings. This means that electronics can provide a better study environmentfor students to enhance their interest in studying.Moreover, the electronic textbook can improve the environmental impacts of the industry.

Notrees sacrifice for making a print textbook. It is convenient to down the electronic textbookthrough the internet. Regarding the cooperation of the Gutenberg Project and the World eBookFair, used to free to download 2 million online books.

If it makes to a print book, 3 million treeswill be cut. (Adam, 2016) Also, the Kindle e-reader can prevent emit almost 11,185 kg of carbondioxide. Kindle user will buy 1.6 to 1.7 book per moths. They can prevent purchasing 22 printbook per year. As a result, it prevents emit 53 million carbon dioxides between 2009 to 2012.

(Emma, 2009). Mostly, the electron product can be recycled. Apple in order minimize theemitting of carbon dioxide, they have the recycling project and the product as possible tocontain the recyclable materials. (Apple, 2010) So, using electronic textbook can reduce theharmful substances. It is the good way to solve the environmental problem and maintain thesustainable development in the world.

However, the student is easy to cause the health problem when they are facing the screen overtime. Students are easy to get an overdose on using the electronic textbook and spend most ofthe time on it when they are having dinner. It will increase the fat and energy naturally.

As aresult, the student will increase the chance of suffering from the high cholesterol. Besides,students are going to school for almost 8 hours per day. They need to watch on the screen forlong period of time, it leads to eyestrain. Regarding a South Australian study, childrenbetween 10 to 13 years old facing the screen regularly will reduce 13 minters for the outdooractivities. They are a focus on the electronic textbook and not interest to go for a walk.

Also,the wrong way of using screen will reduce their motivation for learning. (Karen, 2011) Thismean people who use the computer regularly. For instance, neck pain, eye strain and blurred tosee anything.To conclude, the electronic textbook can reduce the issue of global warming and increase themotivation of student study. But, the other impacts are affected student healthy.

In my opinion,the electronic textbook is effectiveness for the implement. Due to the print book cause thatmany trees have been cut. For the electronic textbook, it does not need to make the paper. It canprotect the environment and our next generation. On the other hand, the student can find moreinformation about the world, it not just limits on the region. It is a good chance to broaden theirhorizon.692 words


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