Our using an Electoral College system versus a

founding father constructed The Electoral College to begin the
Constitution as a consensus between the election of the President by
a unanimous vote in Congress and the election of the President by
qualified citizen of popular votes. This review was created is
because it maintain safeguard between population and the electors
which is a process through Electoral College, and it also gave the
Electoral College in 1787 was obtained by the Constitutional
Convention which consisted of electors, the governors of each state,
the state legislative, Members of congress that was picked and by
direct popular electron.

Constitution for the presidential election were among the states, and
not the individuals. In this election, there are certain numbers of
representatives called electors and these electors’ votes on the
state that he or she is representing. Electoral
College consist of 538 electors. These individual states
are only allow to have one elector for each of their representatives
in Congress.  Each state is only given three votes, consisting
of at least two Senators and one Congressman, no matter size of the
The electors are the one who make the final decision in voting for
the President and Vice President of the United States. The
candidates that received the majority of votes (which is 270), wins
the Presidency. In the nation, the numbers are electors are 435
Representative, 100 Senators, and 3 electors that come from the
District of Columbia. When it is time to vote for President, the
President who receives the most votes in a state wins the electoral
votes in that state. On the other hand, the stats of Nebraska and
Maine votes are represented by electors and calculated differently.
These states receives only two electoral votes for the Senators while
the rest of the 48 states, while the rest of the electoral votes are
accounted for through congressional district by congressional

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problem using an Electoral College system versus a popular vote is
that the Electoral College has been known to have grievances due to
the fact that it is not state in the constitutions that the winner is
not chosen the majority of vote, whether you win over fifty percent
of the votes, the number of electoral votes still are the same. For
example, during the year of 2000, the majority of the Electoral
College votes was won by George W Bush but he lost the popular vote
to Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore. Al Gore collected 2.5
million vote from the population of Texas but still did not win the
election because of the winner take all method. There have been
complaints since the 2000 elections that if the winner of the popular
vote is not the president, then their votes don’t count (Gelman,
Silver & Edlin, 2012). Bush won 1803 more counties than gore
won. Before of the controversy over the recount in Florida, the Gore
campaign sued to have a manual recount. During this election, there
was a recount in Florida that taught Americans the difference between
a “hanging chad” which is known as a ballot punch out that was
hanging at one corner and a “pregnant chad” that means a dimple
in the ballot paper. There was a dispute in the votes in Florida
during the election of 2000 because the ballots was believe to be
miscounted so a recount was issued. After careful consideration
through investigation, studies
shows that it is possible that Gore may have won a statewide recount
of all under votes and over votes, from the ballots that had multiple
votes for president that were not even counted during this election.
Gore’s legal team did not follow up to pursue action against this
situation Through many doubts ,it was also believed through careful
investigations that more people went to the poll and voted on
Election Day in Florida that was intending to vote for Gore.

reason why the Electoral College is still used in the U.S. is because
the adoption of the Constitute for the Electoral College , which
gives each state as many votes as it has members of Congress. This
system was constructed somewhat as a mediator to determine whether or
not Congress or the peoples would have the power to elect the
President. In today’s society, support for electing the president
by a national popular vote, doing away with the process of assigning
electors in between states by rules that interfere with the principle
of one person, one vote. Alexander stated, “That
uncertainty makes a lot of people uneasy,” he said. “Knowing
the rules of the game the way they are now, candidates and campaigns
know they can work within that framework.”


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