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One of the most common issue LG G7 users face with their handset is with its connection with the WiFi. A lot of LG G7 users speculated that they’ve been experiencing a weak or slow WiFi connection. Another issue that they face is that the internet connection on their phone automatically switches from WiFi to their mobile data connection. Also, several users also complains that their phone is unable to forget WiFi connection they used to connect with their LG G7. In this article, we will be shedding some light on these issues with your LG G7’s WiFi connectivity and remove the headache you’ve been suffering from it.Fixing the Slow Wifi Issue on your LG G7For decades, the Internet has connected billions of people in our planet with each other. However, accessing the Net can sometimes give us a headache especially when it’s slow. Since almost everyone today surfs the Internet with their smartphone, it’s common that this phone exhibits a slow connection with it from time to time.  And if you’re an LG G7 user who loves Social Media apps like Youtube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, chances are you might want to know how to fix the Slow Internet Connection Issue. Here are some of them:Steps in Fixing The Slow WiFi IssueOpen your smartphoneSimultaneously long press the Power button, Volume button, and the Home buttonWait for a few seconds, then your LG G7 shall vibrate prior to the beginning of the recovery mode processA list will appear and on that list, browse for the Wipe Cache Partition option then select itWait for a few minutes for the process to be completed. Afterwards, you can restart your LG G7 using the “reboot system now” option Fixing the LG G7 Automatically Switching from WiFi to Data Randomly Issue The reason that your LG G7 randomly switches from WiFi to Data connection is because the Wlan to Mobile Data connection on your LG G7’s Android setting is activated. The name of the features is called “Smart Network Switch” and added to your handset for the purpose of automatically switching between WiFi and the Mobile connection, like 4G and LTEs, to build a stable network connection when using a slower one currently. If you aren’t a fan of this feature, you are able to deactivate it with these simple steps:Deactivating the Smart Network Switch and Fixing the WiFi Issue on your LG G7 Open your smartphoneActivate your LG G7’s Mobile ConnectionOnce activated, head to the Menu -> Settings -> WirelessYou will see the “Smart Network Switch” option at the beginning of the pageUntick the box beside the option in order to obtain a not so stable wireless connection on your LG G7 while the router is still uprightAnd you’re all set! The connection won’t automatically switch from WiFi to Mobile Data again as long this is deactivated Forgetting a Saved Network on your LG G7In order to remove a saved WiFi network on your LG G7, head to the settings menu and look for the WiFi section. Search for the network you wanted to eliminate from the list. Once you have find the specific WiFi connection, hold it, then press “Forget” afterwards. (You can also opt for the “modify option”, which is a better way to change the WiFi password saved on your LG G7.)Open your smartphoneSlide down your finger from the top of the screen to open up the notification panel. Press the Settings optionSearch down the Network Connections section then press WiFiIf the WiFi connection is disable, toggle the switch ON to activate itChoose the specific WiFi network you want to forget then press the Forget optionAnd presto! The chosen WiFi network profile will be forgotten Call Technical SupportGiven that you have done all the methods we mentioned earlier and still can’t fix the issue, we recommend that you take your LG G7 to the nearest LG center and have it checked by a professional if there’s a factory defect within it. Once proven defective and cannot be fixed by the technician, a replacement unit will be given to you.


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