One to pursue (5).Summarily the second reason why

One such tool is the weighted scoring model of picking a project for when first developing the project charter. The weighted scoring model is tool that provides a systematic process of selecting projects based on variety of criteria. The criteria may include factors such as meeting organizational goals, addressing problems, opportunity potential, and the projected financial performance of the project. Then weights are assigned to each criteria by order of importance (weights should all sum to 100%). Then a score is assessed for each of the relevant criteria repeating this analysis on multiple potential projects can help the project manager choose which one to pursue (5).Summarily the second reason why project Integration Management is important is because it serves as a universal guide to project management within its own cycle. By utilizing the skills taught in Integration Management the project manager can learn how to properly assess a project, create the project plan, execute the project and coordinate all of these efforts together. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who is involved in coordinating or overseeing a project of any size.

It is the undeniable baseline on which all of the other project management bodies are built upon. The final reason why Integration Management is important is because it enables the project manager to effectively coordinate all of the areas of the project’s execution (5). Reason 3: The final reason why project Integration Management is so essential to the project manager is because it offers him or her the tools to coordinate the execution phase of the project. The execution phase of any project is arguably the most critical part of the project.

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This is because at that stage the potential for failure is the greatest.  By utilizing the skills taught in Integration Management the project manager learns how to lead and create an environment that promotes and actively seeks results. This is accomplished by coordinating planning and execution as well as capitalizing on a set of project execution techniques which are taught under project Integration Management. At the phase of execution the project is at its greatest risk of failure. Up until that point everything that the project is be it the charter, or the project plan has been theoretical.

Sometimes a project may seem like a good idea on paper but when it comes to execution it is an entirely different animal. With companies putting time and money on the line it is imperative that projects succeed and that the project manager do his best to make them work. Project Integration Management mitigates this risk and that is why it is such an important part of project management (2).

The key element to overseeing a project’s coordination is to lead from the front as the project manager. Consequently having good interpersonal and leadership skills and creating a culture which is open are an important part of successfully executing a project. This means having an open relationship with the team members and effectively communicating progress through the chain of command  on a regular basis. Cultivating this kind of dialogue as described by Integration Management is a key step in effectively carrying out a project’s goals. Integration Management also offers a tool to keep the execution phase of the project coordinated (5).

Project Integration Management proposes the use of project management information systems to keep everything coordinated. This entails creating Gantt charts and work breakdown structures which should be distributed to team members. Furthermore the use of software such as Microsoft Project ™  can also be used to create an interactive version of the work breakdown structure with task completion dates and milestones. The importance of this cannot be understated as it creates an roadmap for the project and  along with effective communication are the methods used to keep a project coordinated during the execution phase. These are the reasons why project Integration Management skills are essential to the project manager (4).  Conclusion:In conclusion project Integration Management is the most important knowledge area in the entire study of project management. These are three main reasons why this body of knowledge is so important to the success of a project manager. Firstly it’s universality makes it a microcosm of the entire study of project manager as it spans the project from the creation of the charter to handing over the deliverables to the executive team.

Secondly it provides the project manager many practical tools that he or she can actually implement to better manage any project. Finally the coordination phase of project Integration Management is of utmost importance because it helps the manger succeed in the execution phase of the project. This is why Project Integration Management is such an important study area for the modern project manager.


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