Nowadays, for seeking people, chatting with old

Nowadays, the social media addiction became a virus that spread fast in this world among teenagers.

These teenagers always been busy with the social media at any time and any situation. As a result, these kind of things make them became addicted. What are the differences between social media and social media addiction? Social media known as a medium communication that used to communicate in virtual world. While for the social media addiction, like the author says it can be happen when someone take too much time browsing any website for seeking people, chatting with old friend, updating status and many else ( Walker, 2017 ). Here are several issues that related to the social media addictions such as the effect, causes and solution.Firstly, the effect of social media addiction is the lack of interpersonal communication skill. As the author says social media became the obstacles for teenagers to interact in the real world. They prefer to live in the virtual world rather than making a verbal communications in the community (Keller, 2013).

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The teenagers will lose their confidence level to make a verbal communication and properly communicate with each other especially with their peers. As consequently, they will become awkward and do not have any idea how to speak properly with someone. For example, in the situation when they need to ask their teachers about the topics that they did not understand, they will more likely to keep it silent and learned it by themselves as they did not know how to ask those kinds of things to their teachers. All in all, this happened because they are more likely to engage in virtual communication to someone through electronic devices compared to in person. Secondly, teenagers’ depression due to the lot of assignments given by their lecturers is the cause to this addiction. In universities, students need to take a lot of subjects for each semester, and for each subject, a lot of assignments will be given.

As a result, this will make them depressed a lot because they do not have much time to complete their assignments. The time that given by the lecturers to submit their assignments is too short. Thus, they will not satisfied with their work and make them depressed. As the author said, technology nowadays influenced teenagers to become more addicted to the social media and the factors that cause this to happen are depression and anxiety. This emotional distress raises the idea of finding ways to solve this problem by filling their time with internet (Signs and Symptoms of Internet or Computer Addiction, 2017). Lastly, here a some tips to control the social media addiction. The teenagers should take an action to limit the amount of time they spend on social media. They can start it by setting the timer to remind them about how much the time they already spent just for social media browsing.

But sometimes there must be some problems to keep track of time, so trying to set a timer with an alarm. For example, the teenagers can use their smart phones or an alarm clock to download any sounds that will make them feel unpleasant. As a result, they will turn off the sound immediately and will possibly start to stop using social media . In conclusion, the social media will always become the best medium communication in the teenagers’ life. This is because they always use the social media any time and everywhere even at the school. Furthermore, the present generation is very much exposed to the learning system through the media.

It is undeniable that it will continue to rise up and making them addicted days by days. But if they act efficiently in finding ways to control this addiction, this problem will definitely been contained. Thus, for them whose life is addicted by social media, they need to step back and think carefully what will happen in their future and get the priorities straight.


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