Negative effects of putting up a home shelter in the neighborhood

Home shelters are not an entirely unacceptable idea in themselves as they go a long way in solving some social problems among a clique of people. However, it comes along with a number of challenges with far reaching consequences.

Statistically, an unplanned increase in the human population will put a strain on the social amenities present in the area. The establishment of a home will lead to population explosion in the region. However, the homes will not come along with an extra hospital, school or even places of worship.

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This will, therefore, overstretch the existing facilities as a result of congestion. This will then compromise service delivery to the people. It is noteworthy that the social placing and classification of the area will also be lowered, as a result.

The population increase will come along with numerous social vices. Cases of burglary, banditry, theft, drug and substance abuse are most likely to be on the rise. This will provide a perfect ground for insecurity to breed because the area will now become a crime magnet. The growth and development of children will also be affected. With such kinds of vices in their vicinity and within their reach, they will easily tend to acquire them. The implications of the home to its neighborhood may in the long run outweigh the home’s benefits.

The putting up of a home will have a devastating effect on the value of property in the surrounding areas. Most of the homes are low income housing development projects covering a significant ground space. The resultant effect will be a dip in the property value of the neighborhood as it will be associated with the comparatively low home value.

This will impact negatively on the property development in the area as they will stand to gain little if anything on the sale of the homes. The buyers will also not be forthcoming due to the other negative effects that the home comes along with it.

The real estate owners will also have nothing to smile about the home shelter establishment. Most tenants will tend to move away due to the change in conditions of the area and subsequent problems that the home development comes along with it. After working so hard to develop these properties, this will then be unrewarding to them. The investments and development in the area as pertains to real estates will, therefore, be significantly curtailed.

The effects on the environment that the home shelter will have can also not be ignored. Pollution, ranging from noise to water to soil in the area will be on an upward trend. The waste volume will also consequentially rise causing environmental degradation. This will have unfavorable effects on both the ecological and artificial surroundings that can not be compromised under whatever circumstances. The destruction that will be caused by this is irreparable, and the home shelter becomes more of negativity than positivity to the environment.

The home will also unsettle the day to day life operations of the people. The negativities brought about by the home will for instance upset the movement of people due to the insecurity situation created. People will no longer have the will and freedom to transact their activities at their convenience. This goes against the constitutionally guarded principles in relation to the freedoms and rights of the people.

The adverse societal, economic and ecological effects that come with the home shelter establishment make it an unnecessary evil to the neighborhood. Its undoing, therefore, far outweighs its benefits making it unwarranted for in a neighborhood.


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