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Literary analysis Novel







is the first novel of the writer Syed Waliullah. Lalsalu is a social
problematical novel. Lalsalu description how villagers are able to exploit the
right to exploit their own rule through fraudulent businessmen of Majid
cheating on the basis of the simplicity and religious beliefs of the villagers.
The story is small, simple and little, but its books and layout are very
strong. The author made an incident as meaningful by an outstanding analytical

     One of the days, at the end of the
auditory, in the dramatic scene of Majid’s entry into Mohabbotnagor village at
noon, the identity of his hypocrisy and deceit. 
During the hunting of fish, Taher and Khader saw that a stranger
standing on the road of Motigonj and he stood like a stone in the face of
prayer. Later, it is seen that the person is scolding the people of the
villages gathered at the house of Khalek Bapary. The person named Majid, who
came out of the miracle, said that he arrived in this village to supervise the
shrine in pir’s dream. The people of the village are deeply interested in the
respect, after listening to their rebuke and Majid’s dreams. The bamboo-buried
graveyard in the rural areas is quickly cleaned. The grave soon became the
source of power for the shrines and Majid. His friendly dialogue, it is known
from the fact that the unemployed Majid has taken refuge in the interest of
protecting his existence from the ruined areas. In this process, the traditions
of religious traders dominated by the traders have been long-lived in the rural
areas of our country. Syed Waliullah highlighted an important aspect of rural society
in this novel. 

        Within a few days of the shines estate,
Majid became the owner of homestead and land. Then he married a tall and strong
widowed woman, who is named Rahima. She is very cold-haired. What the husband
says, Rahima faithfully believes in it and she works like accordingly Majid’s
way. Rahima believes that her husband possesses the power of miracles. Along
with the establishment, Majid became a social worker as well as well as a
person of the society. Gradually, Majid entry in the villager’s family life. He
also questions about the authority of Taher’s father over the private family
dispute between Taher’s parents. Ask for forgiveness from Taher’s sister by
ordering her to take the hand of her daughter’s body. For that, Taher’s father
finally disappeared without being able to bear the humiliation.

        On the other hand, without any child of
Amena, who is the first wife of Khalek Bepary. She is very excited by the
desire of the children, that’s why she confident on Majid rival Pir’s, but
Majid does not hesitate to punish her for that. Majid always wanted that, the
villagers cannot be enlightened by the light of education, so that they cannot
catch his hypocrisy. That’s why he became active against the educated youth of
the village Akkash. By breaking the dreams of establishing Akkash’s school,
Majid applies the bed technique on the Akkash to leave the village. In this
way, novelists, through one incident after another, highlighted the real-life
of the village, society, and people in the novel “Lalsalu”. The novel is an
unforgettable addition to Bengali literature as an artistic social

        Syed Waliullah, an extraordinary wizard
artist, can only be understood by analyzing the characters of his novel
“Lalsalu”. By the one side “Lalsalu’ is character-based novels. The main
component of “Lalsalu” is society-reality. The rural society here is the
shadow, here people believe in fate and illumination deeply. Syed Waliullah
Humanist writer, the natural desire of human freedom is active in the center of
his literary pursuit. He has shown in the novel the power of superstition and
superstition. In the novel “Lalsalo”, he gave a description of how
the vested person continues the process of exploitation in the confusion and
fear of the simple and devout people of the society. Religion is not the target
of attack his – his target is the religion businessmen and who are in the
religion mischief, bigotry, and blindness. Various reactions of the
subconscious and conscious names of feminists have become the subject of the
authors in the novel “LalSalu”.
























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Cloth), 1981.

Translation Fiction: Lalsalu (The Red Cloth)

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