Name: awareness and improves physical performance. And therefore

Name: M. Umair Iftikhar

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Class: HM101-D

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Topic: Stress

is often associated with negative feelings such as anxiety, worry, and tension.
It is a human body’s physical, mental, and emotional reaction to any demand for
change. Each of us handles stress in our own way and if handled incorrectly it
can cause serious impacts on one’s life.

stress for a long period of time can lead to extreme anxiety or pain, also
known as ‘Chronic’ stress. Symptoms of
‘Chronic’ stress can include headaches, upset stomach, sleeping disorders, mood
swings, and irritation.  

Bad stress
can cause ‘health issues’. According
to American Psychological Association (APA), Stress can make existing problems
worse. If someone is sick, Stress will intensify its symptoms, making it harder
to recover and damage the immune system. Studies show 75% of all doctors visit involves stress-related illness and
complaints. Heart attacks, High B.P, Diabetes and all the other major health
issues are due to bad stress. This is why it is also known as silent killer.

Bad stress
can hinder ‘Progress’. As a student
or a worker, you won’t be able to do your work correctly or efficiently if you
are under stress. In a survey of 2013
in India 6/10 suicides are due to
stress. This shows us that stress can not only dangerous to our health but it
will also slow down the progress and we cannot concentrate on our work. In the UK
alone, “Approximately 5 million people are stressed in their
jobs”. In 2009 “the most stressful
jobs were airline pilot, teaching, photojournalist, engineering, and surgeon”.

One good
thing about stress is that scientists suggest that stress is part of the
expansion because it has enabled humans to survive. Specifically, stress
temporarily increases awareness and improves physical performance. And therefore
we can do our work more efficiently. But if we take too much stress or a strong
response to stress can lead to many physical and health issues.

stress can help reduce the stress and make you feel happy and healthier. We have
to remember that we cannot change the view of others but prepare ourselves to
prove our point. No one is perfect so never underestimate yourself. Always try
to practice out for different relaxation techniques like, always think positive
and keep a positive attitude, Eat right, sleep well, laugh, exercise, and think
about yourself.