Moving by. By eliminating barriers, like language and

Moving Forward:  After doing some research on the experiences of different immigrant women groups and interviewing my mother, I thought what are some ways in which we can aim to integrate Immigrant women in society without forcing them to adapt and/or assimilate.  In the article “Stop telling immigrants to assimilate and start helping them participate”, gave many ways in which this issue can be targeted.Language barrier is usually one of the biggest difficulties for non-western immigrant women. Some immigrant women never learn how to read and write, which hinders them from integrating into society and silences their voices even further. What if immigrant women could advance while working in their native tongue? Medical pluralism and programs like Si, Y, Puedo are examples of ways society can aim to break barriers and build bridges for immigrant women.                   Immigrants are always obligated to assimilate or adapt to the American way of life, which includes customs, values and especially language. Even though there are many communities of similar backgrounds with thousands of non-English languages, English is required to get by. By eliminating barriers, like language and other factors that immigrants face these could help bridge the gap.  Having coaches/ translators who understand their culture can also help guide immigrant women through the next steps of their lives. Immigrant women should be able to succeed regardless of their background, education, and status. Skills are very important, in that they can be applied flexibly. Teaching immigrant women vital skills that can be used in everyday life, could help them to advance. These skills can include soft skills such as endurance, reliability, resilience, etc. These are skills that are not too difficult, but are essential to life. All of these are ways in which society can aim to allow immigrant women to participate and eventually integrate into the economy and society. These can help benefit women – both native and migrant – to learn the American ways of life without forcing them to assimilate. The article ends off stating that if we help immigrants “combine the links in their ethnic community while building connections to their new home country around them” they will succeed and so will society.  Forced assimilation is not the only option. We need to develop and encourage participation platforms that ensure opportunities for immigrants, instead of problems.Conclusion:                                                                                                                            Immigration Women are a significant group who live in the United States today and other parts of the west. Even though Immigrant Women make up half the foreign population, they are a group that is always understudied. Women from different cultures/backgrounds have different immigration experiences,  Black women from Africa, Asian women from China, Muslim women from Canada and more. Generalizing these women these women’s experiences into one, allows each of their stories to become lost. The only way to learn about the experiences of immigrant women across different cultures is to allow the voices of these diverse women to be heard and let them tell their stories.


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