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“Midland Minnie” was a female skeleton that was discovered in Midland County in Texas in the 1950s.Even though it was determined that the remains turned out the younger than it’s projected age, this skeleton gives hints to how long life existed in the state of Texas. This skeleton is proof that there was life as far as 10,000 B.CThe Clovis Point is a spear that was found in Clovis, New Mexico.The Clovis Point is important because this spear was an important technological improvement for hunting with the Native Americans. This spear was the second improved prototype for hunting.The American Triad was corn, beans and squash.The American Triad is important because these plants were freshly introduced to the state of Texas. If these plants didn’t come along, there wouldn’t have been any corn, squash, or beans in Texas for a long time.Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca was a captain of one of the boats that were separated by a Gulf Coast storm. His boas was wrecked near the present day Follets Island.Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca and his men were important because they were the first Europeans to be able to explore Texas. Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca and his men eventually had to leave because Cabeza De Vaca believed that he and his men wouldn’t be able to survive.Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was an explorer and the leader of the of reconnaissance-in force that went to the American Southwest in order to find wealth.Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and his men were the first  Europeans to discover the Grand Canyon and the Palo Duro Canyon. They were also the first Europeans to cross the Estacado of Texas. Mission San Francisco de los Tejas was one of  many missions that was created in 1690 by the Europeans.This mission was important because it was a string it was a part of a string of missions to combat the French, who had La Salle. La Salle wasn’t successful at first, but it became a threat to the Spanish. Moses Austin was an entrepreneur who started out with having a business in mining. After that failed, he then went to pursue moving a colony into Texas. Even though he died early, he created the foundation of the only colony that was recognized under the Imperial Colonization Law. His son managed to complete this for him after his untimely death caused by pneumonia.Stephen F. Austin is the son of the Late Moses Austin. After his father’s death, he took on the task of the potential colonization that his father wanted to happen.Stephen F. Austin is important because he completed his father’s wish of moving a colony to Texas. This colony is the only colony that was recognized under the Imperial Colonization Law.Guadalupe Victoria was the first President of the Republic of Mexico.While he was in office, he was known to have a Republican mindset, which was able to give people a lot of freedom. He was also responsible for the State Colonization Law.Haden Edwards was a businessman who wanted to do the same as Stephen F. Austin and colonize families into Mexico. However, after a series of events, Edwards had his grant revoked. After signing a document called the Republic of Fredonia (In other words, Edwards attempted to try to take a piece of Texas with this document), he was forced to flee when troops were coming to stop the revolt.Edwards is important because after his actions, The President of the Republic of Mexico (now Vicente Guerrero) wanted to attempt to cease immigration from America.Describe the impact of the Agricultural Revolution on the Woodland Era peoples. What role did women play?The Woodland Era brought a lot of agricultural gains. The “American Triad” occurred with the coming of beans, squash, and corn. The beans were able to keep the soil rich in nutrients when the soil was being sucked up by the corn.  There were also large cities that were able to hold thousands of people. The women played a role in this because they were able to plant all of the vegetables that came along with the Woodland Era. 2. Describe some aspects of the culture and lifestyle of the Caddo Indians of East Texas.The Caddoans were known for the Hopewell Complex. This practice, which lasted up to 500 A.D, was used to honor the dead. This lead to the burial mounds to become bigger. Another one of the skills that the Caddoans had was pottery. The pottery that was made had manage to reach Louisiana tribes nearby. By the tme 500 A.D came around, the Caddoans had lead the transition into the Woodland Era. 3. What impact did the arrival of La Salle and the French in the late 1600s have on Spanish attitudes toward leaving Texas unsettled?The Spanish were determined to undermine the French. In response, they started missions after La Salle occured. Even though La Salle wasn’t successful at first, the Spanish still wanted to do something. Missions like Mission San Francisco de los Tejas (1690) had started. 4. Briefly describe some major differences between the Federalists and Centralists in early Mexican politics. Which group favored states’ rights over national government power? What groups of people tended to join each faction?The Centralists believed that everything should be centered around one government. The federalists believed that the government should be given to the states. The American immigrants seems to go towards being the federalists while the Mexicans leaned towards centralism. The group that wanted the government for the states were the Federalists. Overall, the power of the federalists and the centralists have always been back and forth in terms of who had control over the government.


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