The a great contrast to the cyborg Maria

The theme of the project is the role of female in the society of “Metropolis” and ” Psycho”. Through this project, we would like to analysis the position of female in these two films and find out the image of female in the directors’ mind. In certain extent, it can represent a typical image of female in the real world in that period. In the following project, we would first analysis the films Metropolis and Psycho, and then we would have a brief comparison on them about the role of female. METROPOLIS Background Metropolis was made by Fritz Lang in 1926, which is one of the most successful films of Fritz Lang.It is the first science-fiction film with the first cinema feminist cyborg.

Metropolis has great influence on film industry and is one of the most favorable films in the world. Metropolis was created and introduced after the Industrial Revolution in Europe, with only around 8 years close to the 1917’s Russian Revolution. Therefore, many aspects of the film were affected by the Industrial Revolution greatly. For examples, the targeted, depicted place and the story background is an imagined city in 2026, one hundred years later when the film was made. Fritz Lang was delighted by the architecture of Manhattan in America at that time.

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And this modern and fascinating architecture is the consequences of the Industrial Revolution which leads to modern and wealthy. For the contents and the plots of Metropolis, we can see that there is an obvious boundary between the rich (upper class) and the poor (lower class). This reveals the social phenomena of wealth uneven distribution in industrial countries. Our most concerned area is the social status of females in Metropolis.

After the Industrial Revolution, the society is much more opened. There were much more chances for women to take part in social issues and activities.And females might have great influence in the society and this gave threats to males. Therefore, the image and the status of Maria (female character) created by director would truly reflect the issues at that time.

THE FILM PHOTOGRAPHY Now, we are going to study the status of females on different areas in Metropolis. First, we would study the female status in the arrangement of film photography in Metropolis. The film director shows the status of females in Metropolis through the arrangement of the film photography. Metropolis is a film stresses on contrast.For examples, the original character of Maria is passive, patience and non-violent which makes a great contrast to the cyborg Maria who is active and violent.

Also, we have contrast on the life of capitalists (upper-ground) and the workers (underground). Here, we can also see the contrast between men and women. We will talk about it on the arrangement of film photography in three stages: beginning, middle and ending. In the beginning of the film, we can see two classes, the wealthy class and the poor class. The wealthy class (upper-world) is full of brightness, leisure and comfort.

The poor class (underground world) is full of darkness and sorrow. However, there is a same point obviously that people appearing are almost all men, except the women flirts with Joseph. This reflects that Metropolis is a city of men, women are excluded form the public area, invisible in the production and consumption of technological power. There is a clear boundary between men and women. Men dominate women and also men dominate both the upper world and the underground world. In the middle of the film, Maria is converted into a robot, called “coborg”.

Then, the robot Maria incites the workers against Ferderson, leading the workers in a revolt. Here, the director arranged the wives of the workers to join the rebellion deliberately. And, this is the first time that women, other then Maria and the woman flirts with Joseph, appears in the film.

In this revolt, Maria even acts as a leader to rebel Ferderson. We can see the director dissolves the boundary between women and men deliberately. There is no contrast between women and men. At the end of the film, Ferderson makes agreement with the workers and set up a good relationship with workers through heart.For the arrangement in photography, there are all men in Metropolis again, except Maria. Joseph acts as a mediator and leads his father shaking hands with the workers’ leader.

Maria stands off to the side, next to Joseph, losing her leading role. The workers’ wives also disappear. The boundary between women and men is firmly back in place. Men dominate the society again. In conclusion, men still act as dominate part in Metropolis and omen are only complementary. Although the status of women increases greatly at a time, men will take the control at last! THE PLOT.From the plot of the story, we will analysis the image of female, the liberation and the oppression of feminism, the deprecation of female and the expectation of male on female in Metropolis. The image of female in the Metropolis The image of the female in Metropolis can be classified into two types: One is pure, kind and peaceful, just like the St.

Mary in the Bile. The film clearly shows this by arranging Maria, the working girl, to become popular among the workers and to be loved by Frederson. The second type is sexual, evil but fantasy. We can prove this by the cyborg Maria.


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