Medical psychological intervention

Essay Title: Outline one aspect of psychological development, which is often associated with deviant behaviour during adolescence. How might this problem be addressed? “Adolescence is a period of searching. It is a slow, often painful process of seeking and discovering, of acceptance and rejection. It is primarily a process of growth newness, and experiencing. In the adolescent’ s search to become what he feels is right for his destiny, he experiences many forces of his environment-some of which he uses and some of which use him. ( Dreyful, 1976, p.118 )

Deviant behaviour during ad? lescence is very likely to occur since ad? lescents are not always able to cope with the rapid and dramatic changes that happen to them. One prevalent form of deviancy is drug use. Drug use is a form of slavery to which adolescents willingly and inconsiderately submit. This horrifying danger of “slow death ” invades and ruins the bodies and souls of our youth from which our society expects a lot. The psychological, emotional and physical problems that adolescents have to face in the end are enormous.

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A lot of research has been done in order to understand how adolescents think and why they are driven to drugs. There are several reasons for this deviancy. Peer pressure is a reason why adolescents use drugs. “Pressures for conformity to peers increase for most adolescents as they move from the shelter of the family and seek a similar sense of belonging in the wider world of peers. In a national survey young people, aged I3 to 18 were asked why young people used alcohol and other drugs; the most frequently cited reason was peer group pressure: It’s the thing”.

( Conger ; Petersen, 1984, p. 542). While a young person struggles with problems concerning him, he is also particularly concerned with his relationships with people who reflect his worth, his peers. In the words of a 15-year old ninth-grade girl, “People my age sometimes follow the group so that they will not be outcasts. They try to enjoy themselves, but then things get out of hand ” Moreover, adolescents use drugs as a substitute in order to handle the daily problems and inevitable frustrations of living. “Recent studies by Yolles (1970) and A.

Y Cohen (1970) suggest that escape from the pressures of modern living is an important factor in the motivation among adolescents and young people to use drugs. Relief from the stresses of life in a highly complex industrialized society is a motive often given by adolescent drug users. Many social researchers have noticed the connection between drug abuse, and the pressures and anxieties associated with life in a modern technological society ” ( Dreyfus, 1979, P. 122 ). Reading a teenage magazine, anybody can work out the problems and stresses adolescents face: Jade, eighteen years old was ?

nly fourteen years old when she first started taking drugs. She said that she was being bullied, but n? matter how miserable things got, taking heroin meant she could forget it all. In addition to that, young people try drugs as a way of rebelling against the constraints of adults, particularly parents. ” All adolescents, at one time or another, need to assert their independence from their parents.

But whether their rebelliousness will take the form of serious drug use appears to depend a good deal ?n the kind of relationships the adolescent has with his or her parents”. ( Conge,r 1979, p. 81 ). As (John Wyatt, 1973, p. 28) points out, it is very natural for adolescents to dispute the ideas and ways of life of their parents. “Many institutions which their parents may hold dear, such as the family, or the church, are criticized today by a number of young people, and established ideas, such as those concerning sexual morals, are also attacked.

Drugs have become tied up with this revolt for some young people. Some of them claim that drugs can lead to experiences ?n, which an alterative society can be built. Others say that they take drugs in order to find their own identity, separate from the one which their parents or others might want them to have”. Moreover, parents attitudes and beliefs about drugs can be a major factor whether adolescents are going to let drugs be a part of their lives or not. ” Parents who use drugs or alcohol ? n at least a semi regular basis are likely to foster such use in their adolescents. Feelings of alienation from parents also foster drug use.

Parental-adolescent relationships that are severely strained, devoid of emotional attachment, and pervasive of feelings of moninvolment of the parent in the welfare and achievements of the adolescent foster adolescents ‘use of drugs “. ( Dusec, 1987 , p. 427 ). Furthermore, drugs provide pleasure and pleasurable sensations, feelings of exhilaration and various levels of intoxication. The search for experience and step into the unknown is a reason why young people take drugs. Drug use is a pleasure trip in which the user feels happy and forgets any troubles he may have.


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