As car or sport. People tend to act

 As the research results show people tend to like what other people like. Music can be advertised in many ways, one where it expresses groups similar taste in music, for example being played or talked about on there favorite radio station, magazines, music channels, TV programs, and festivals.

Also, in advertisement, to promote a specific album or music genre or even vice versa where the individual is introduced to the music via the advert played as background music, they may like the music just because it is an advert for the individual’s favorite car or sport.People tend to act like sheep and follow other peoples taste in music which originally comes from the advertising, it then has a snowball effect picking everyone else up on the way down. Music Journalism and How It Affects Music Taste Writing and performing music is one of the most personal and original things a person can do. Therefore, is it appropriate for another person to write an article criticising what the performer has put so much of themselves into? Music Journalism has been around for centuries and around the date of 1955 many memorable factors made it possible for music to be spread, popular and well known.One of these factors is the magazine coverage of rock ‘n’ roll, which started in 1952 where Jerry Walker changed the name of billboard’s race music chart to rhythm and blues. In 1953 Maurice Kinn the holder of NME magazine got a call from Musical & Accordion Express telling him that the paper had lost so much money they would need to find a new buyer. He kept the paper going and realized that there was a chart which they were not doing anything with. It had big names in it such as Frank Sanatra and Nat “King” Cole.

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At the time it was all about the scene of big-bands but that was starting to fade away, so he got hold of the chart and said: “These are the people we should be covering, and the chart should be the reason why people buy the paper” (Paul Gorman, 2001, pg 19) Music magazines are informative, full of news and reviews of the music world. NME in particular has the tendency to hype up a band and then criticise them but this does not seem to make a difference to its fans and it has also recently won Music Magazine of the Year category at the 2006 Record of the Day awards.Fans of NME may follow there route and like who they like at the time however fans of particular music would not listen to reviews even if they where heavily criticising there taste in music. From a music show called ‘No Disco’ there was an interview with the late Jeff Buckley relating his views on music reviews, he said “Music is an art form. It is not spoken, it is not written, it is composed and it comes from somewhere unknown. For this reason, why should a person try to describe it using words? ” Jeff Buckley (No Disco, www.

youtube. com, 02/03/07) ConclusionThe music media has a huge impact on society especially teenagers, it comes at us through many sources such as radio, music channels, magazines, and so on. I believe music tastes should come from your own feelings, and not where it seems to come from today which is other people. Music seems to take a similar approach as fashion does to attract there audiences.

Each season there is a fashion show to show shops, celebrities, designers and so on, what is going to be in fashion and what is not and from there the shops will sell what they were advised to and people buy what they have been told to.Advertising works in the same way as fashion shows, and decides what genre people will listen to and what they normally follow is what they have been advised to listen to. Although music reviews are the expression of an individuals opinion and it is there own right to do that, I do not believe music reviews serve a very important purpose. People are entitled to their own opinion but how can someone criticise something which is so important to whoever has made it just so everyone knows there opinion.I do believe that advertising is important as it introduces people to new music without asking for it, as music is played virtually everywhere.

However it can sometimes be rammed down society’s throats as what is and is not cool to listen to. Everyone in there own right should like and not like whoever they want and not be criticised for it. Overall the music media has many positive and negative points to it and it needs to find a balance as it is pushing their opinions onto others. BibliographyAuthor Unknown, No Disco Jeff Buckley Interview, URL: www. youtube. com, [02/03/07] Gorman, Paul.

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