Introduction incomplete. Color in general is the outlook


Color is a mark that gives the expression of anything that is seen by our physical eyes. In the ancient times, color was used to pass a message to the public since this was the only way people could express their identity due to lack of some factors like education. Color means a lot many people. Some colors are used to pass across messages to the public hence making it one of the most important marks in life. According to me, color plays a great role in displaying my personality. Wearing a fabric that has my favorite color makes me feel complete.

Anytime I fail to display my favorite color, I always feel incomplete. Color in general is the outlook of something that conveys a message to the viewers. A particular color can be used to carry across a certain message or have a specific meaning.

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An example is the red color, which for a long time has been used to symbolize different occurrences in life. One particular thing that the red color red is associated with is demonstrating emotions. It is for this reason that you find red color used in places like restaurants as it is perceived to motivate and add appetite to people. Red color is also associated with showing affection. People associate red color with love hence the reason why many roses are red. It is also associated with war and therefore you find red color used to simplify the blood shed during times of war. Since human blood is in this color, we can confidently say that red depicts procreation. In many cultures, red color is really recognized by some people as they believe that red is power.

For this reason, they grant their celebrities and VIPs anything red as a symbol of honor. This color also stands for hazard and emergency and therefore you find it used by drivers for stop lights. These red lights bring about awareness and observant to the drivers incase of any danger.

In other cultures, red is used to stand for joy, donate transparency, and merriment. Red color brings about joy and prosperity in various countries like China. The Chinese people therefore put the color in some places to depict good luck. Red is frequently the color for the brides in the East as well as a color for mourners in South Africa. A red flag was also used by the Russia when overthrowing the Tsar. Because of this, red became associated with socialism. Many countries use color red in their flags as it signifies the blood of the people. According to Christianity, red stands for the blood that was shed by Jesus on the cross in order to receive the peace and salvation they enjoy today.


Colors have great significance in the lives of many people. A particular color can be associated with certain things in different parts of the world. One color that has been outstanding is the color red.

From love to royalty, the color red is significant to almost each one of us. Although this color has different meanings to different people, one thing that stands out is that the color is used to depict good things in life. Due to this, it has become one of the most popular colors in history.


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