Management: Opportunities for a Multifunctional Organizer

Modern hectic life, fast development of technologies, the desire to have as much as possible within a short period of time – these are the current issues of nowadays. Speed that is inherent to almost any person makes him/her forget important dates of life and the lives of people, he/she knows; almost each person has a cell phone, and it is not easy to remember all phone numbers or find them in your own phone.

All these changes and challenges appeal for creation of a new tool that can make busy people lives easier, help them save own time, and remember information that is received from other people.

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This is why a multifunctional organizer, described in this paper, has to be considered as a helpful invention that switches on automatically due to its ability to recognize human voice and memorizes all the necessary information about a person in the way that its owner can find person’s phone number, date of birth, and address within several seconds, saying aloud the name of the person under searching.


Since the multifunctional organizer will be designed for businessmen in order to save their time and deprive them of the opportunity to pay attention to such trifles like saving telephone numbers, memorizing names and important dates, it is crucially important to note that the developers of this tool take into consideration all its functions and combine them with human demands, habits, and abilities.

In our case, brainstorming is one of the first means, which prove how hectic people life is now: people spend much time on business affairs, development of interpersonal communication, and personal achievement of goals. The multifunctional organizer will be used by people of different professions and age, because its forms, functions, and abilities are beneficial for the vast majority of people.

Customer segments, relations, and distribution channels

The nature of the multifunctional organizer under discussion makes this invention be available and helpful for people of both genders, female and male, for people of different occupations, and business people in particular, for people with different social status, middle class and white collar, and for people of different age, students and adults, who have lots of work to do simultaneously.

People have a need to have a tool that assist them from time to time, and out multifunctional organizer may become their friend, their assistant, and their helping hand.

Diffusion of the innovation under discussion has to take into consideration such points like focus of innovation (in our case, it is assistance for people) and characteristics of innovation (for multifunctional organizer, they are usability, multifunctionality, and portability).

Rogers defines disruptive innovation and sustaining innovation, where the former has to be influential to different spheres of life and market and the latter has no effects on the markets[1]. Our organizer applies to the former because it meets user customization, this is why the following events with both written and visual information may be used in our case[2].

The event game in the form of appreciation of active customers may be supported by our key partners like Sony, Dell, or Apple. If a person is a client of one of these companies, he/she has an access to our organizers or even may win the organizer in case they spend certain sum of money, set by our partners. Places like supermarkets, where technology is in demand may be our starting point. People may participate in consumers’ competitions, which allow to study the products and their characteristics.

Such kind of games makes customers closers to the technological world and to our product in particular. It is possible to offer our organizers for participating in the games with our partners. People realize how effective the organizer can be and may decide to buy these organizers for their every day affairs.

It is just necessary to demonstrate how effective our organizer is, and people appreciate the idea.[3] Cooperation with website allows to unite knowing vs. doing activities and to involve customers to evaluate the new product and its effectiveness.[4]

To strengthen distribution channels, it is better to concentrate on its main components – retailers, sale agents, and wholesalers. For example, if a distributor is interested in the product, it is easier for him/her to sell it to retailers. Retailers in their turns are eager to present the organizer to end customers, prove that the chosen tool is good, and, if necessary, use different types of advertisement for goods consumption.

It is also possible to use websites and other online services to demonstrate how effective the organizer can be: by means of questionnaires, people should get a chance to define what type of organizer is more helpful for them; by means of competitions and informative links, people may realize that each of them are able to get an organizer for free; or by means of customers feedbacks, it is possible to comprehend what product may completely satisfy them.

Another captivating idea, assistance of free consulting companies, may provide potential customers to learn more about the project and understand how exactly they can use the organizer.

The cooperation with such channels like Amazon or Home Shopping, which are frequently used by people, may improve organizer’s distribution. When a person enter the necessary site with the purposes connected to e-commerce, he/she sees that these successful sites support our production, this is why it is possible to continue cooperation and introduce the product by means of this site.

Value proposition and positioning statement

People have to understand that contribution of this organizer is necessary not only for retailers to earn more money and for them, customers. Our value proposition is a kind of stimulus for customers, retailers, and sellers to pay attention to this invention because benefits are available for all of the, and it is a winning point.[5].

First of all, this organizer is that very time-saving tool that not only performs all that obligatory but time-consuming work instead of people (like organization of a contact list and memorization of contact names) but also enlarges human experience with the use of technologies and training innovations.

Those people, who always try to be unique, be interesting, and be different, will find this device attractive, because when a person holds a new, unfamiliar to public device, he/she feels a kind of personal satisfaction that he/she gets it and other people still do not have a chance to enjoy the abilities of innovation.

Keep in mind our positioning statement and realize what this product is actually about: “Organizer saves people’s time; communication will be fine.”

This statement underlines how serious and how true developer intentions are. It is not another toy that costs much money and contains numerous functions, which are not necessary for organizers. Only the most important and obligatory functions are performed by this organizer, and in order to proclaim about these serious intentions, certain legal documents have to be taken into account.

Cost structure and revenue

A multifunctional organizer provide people with an opportunity to save their own time and have all the necessary facts at hand: it switches on independently, when contact information sounds, and people should not care about switching on and switching off this tool.

This organizer will be created in order to facilitate busy people’s life: now, it is not necessary to ask a person repeat his/her phone number, because this multifunctional organizer already has it; it is easier and quicker to find out a contact in your own phone and be aware who is this person and when this information has been added to your organizer.

The functions of the organizer involve processing human speech, translation of spoken words into typed ones, organization of information, searching for information about the contact by means of recognition owner’s voice, presentation of information about the chosen contact. Revenue of this product may go from both clients and partners.

Partners get a chance to attract the attention of customers if their production has some benefits and additional free product. People always want to buy the things from sales, and two products may cost as one – they buy them without thinking just in order to enjoy from the purchase. This is why developers of the organizer collect revenue from their partners, who get more and more clients.

Key partners and activities

“The relative advantage of new technologies is frequently rather small when they are first introduced”[6], this is why it is crucially important to think in advance about possible partners and activities, which will improve advertising and spreading of a product among people. The Internet (Amazon or site similar to should be regarded as the main resource of information about the product for potential customers.

Business people prefer to search online all the necessary information, and when they find info about the product that may improve their hectic life, they use this chance and search for the necessary contact. This is why in order not to waste time, it is better to concentrate on the partners, who have close connection to the Internet activities and improvement of services online.

Cooperation with such services like online advertising or organizations, which are able to evaluate people’s points of view and introduce necessary outcomes – all this is a chance to not only introduce how effective this organizer is but also a proposition to get the organizer in 50% price if a customer users the services, our key partners offer. Very often, people shy to ask for help, to enlarge own level of knowledge about innovations, or to use services and tools, which are not familiar to them.

This is why the sphere of public relation, retailers’ demonstration of the organizer and its utility, and public advertising – all this helps to enlarge customers’ level of knowledge about innovations. If people cooperate with computer companies like Dell, Asus, Sony, LG, or Panasonic, these companies can make contribution and offer this product as a helpful means to handle with everyday routine.

The key activities like production and distribution have to be mutually developed because in case of the activities is failed, another activity is under a threat as well, and introduction of the product to customers becomes impossible.

In order to be sure about more or less clear future about distribution of the innovation, it is better to rely on online services and media sources, which are usually available for people without taking into consideration weather conditions or human mood: if a person hears, sees, or shares some information about the multifunctional organizer, the hope to distribute the product raises[7].

Key resources like engineering and technological breakthrough should be also considered, because their success reflects the success of the product itself.

Intellectual property

The concept of intellectual property has to be considered at first in order to legalize the invention, make it recognizable by other organizations, and deprive any other person or organization of the opportunity to assume the right of invention. The government recognizes the product and the developer gets the right to earn on its distribution, to pay appropriate taxes, and to get benefits due to its diffusion if an operation license is taken into account.


Adoption of a new product always faces considerable challenges and problems in society. Because of that, it is better to be ready to fight, to prove, and to show how winning the multifunctional organizer can be. People are eager to search for something that can improve their lives and present a good chance to enjoy this life, to communicate with people on different levels, and to memorize information any time.

Technologies help people to become better, to become more educative and successful. The use of a multifunctional organizer does not mean that people are weak at something, because this tool aims at supporting people, at helping them memorize the most important facts, and at being closer to people but not to technological innovations. The concepts of intellectual property, the key partners, and activities influence considerable the general development of the organizer and its contribution to public.

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