Management of Information Systems

Part 1

Now that Eats2Go is a growing business it needs to incorporate a lot of information systems technology to improve its operations. This will ultimately lead to sound working in the organization (Lindsay, 200, p. 12). The owners have realized that they are falling behind (because of paperwork) and they need to do something about these for efficiency. In addition, they need to computerize their operations as these will save a lot of time that they are currently wasting in their daily undertakings.


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They first of all need to ensure that the receipts are computer generated instead of them being done manually. This means that the orders/sales need to be entered into the computer for proper recording.


After the order/sale has been entered into the computer it needs to be processed and recorded in the system.


As the data about the order/sale is processed it needs to be printed out (receipts) for the customers to avoid any backlogs in the business.


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