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The manger should realise that they requires a combination of technical competence, social and human skills, and conceptual ability. The social and human skills involve effective teamwork and the direction and leadership of staff to achieve co-ordinated effort. The management has become more about managing people than managing operations, however, and social and human skills which reflect the ability to get along with other people are increasingly important attributes at all levels of management.Organisations and their managers need to develop the attitudes and skills that facilitate proactive management and that special attention will need to be devoted to mobilise the energies and commitments of people through the creation of shared values and shared understanding. (Management and organisational behaviour Mullins, L.

6edition page329) Owing to the manager’s bad behaviour, produce pressure on staff result in their negative emotional. To solve this problem, sharing the belief system of others has affective outcomes.If people feel that they belong and are included, it enables them to feel good about working in an organisation.

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Also there are a number of measure by which individuals and organisations can attempt to reduce the causes and efforts of stress. The manager should consider about health and safety executive, for example, have produced guidelines and involving attention to good management and managerial style, attitude to stress, training and resources to complete the job, and dealing with change.For the individuals they could try to change their viewpoint, putting their problems into perspective, think positively, optimistic and working on stress reduction, not easy to give up and attempting to slow their life down. To conclude, managers have a responsibility for creating a motivational climate in which people are motivated to work willingly and effectively. They should join the teamwork among the staff; attempt to create a feeling of mutual trust and respect with staff; listen to the employees and communicate with them; understanding their needs and expectations then help and motivate them.In additional, the manager could learn from employees whilst adjust the management approach. This is not only the performance of the organisation improve but it also become a better place to work. The change of e- business managers especially with in a large company is learning how to get grips with an increasingly flexible workforce.

Flexible working calls for flexible managers. This means that the traditional line managers need to become leaders, coaches and facilitators.Given the accelerating rate of change particularly with the intranet, it is essential that organisations invest in and develops their managers to succeed with this change. Management changing should focus on people not only on products and process. The full, potential benefits of information technology and automation will only be realised if the management of change takes proper account of human and social factors.

(Management and organisational behaviour Mullins L. 6edition, page 819).


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